Sunday, January 23, 2011

-Take Sixty One-Great Expectations.

I was playing 'School-School' with my Nieces aged 4 and 2, a few days ago. I was staying over at their place and we all were bored out of our minds, so we all decided to play,I was the teacher and my nieces were the students. Our 'black-board' was the door of the room in which we were playing and the 'chalk' was my own The copies were one little piece of paper torn into many pieces of paper. The only thing REAL in this school were the Chairs. My nieces have the cutest little chairs. There was no electricity at our place at that time, we were playing under the Emergency Light. I made them write Abc, 123 and  we all sang Nursery Rhymes REALLY LOUDLY. I gave them imaginary 'stars' and 'smileys' cuz they both had done such 'excellent work' and the little one doesn't even know how to write :) We all had a great time, full of laughs and shouts and yayy's and wheee's.

                              If you look at it, there was nothing extra-ordinary about this game, nothing about it was very grand or omg-out-of-this-world-man but the smiles and laughter of my Nieces taught me a huge lesson that they are happy, so happy, even with such simple things. If we try to make the most of the things we have got and stop complaining so much,I think,we can all live way more happily and get a lot less hurt. Real happiness, maybe comes from inside, but I think, more of it comes from the simple things in life. I don't think, I've ever been very happy to see a flower but we all agree that they are beautiful. And some of them even smell great. I don't think, I've ever  been happy seeing a caterpillar morph into a butterfly but we all agree that Butterfly's are beautiful. I have been and will always be awed by sunrises and sunsets.They make me happy and I think they are beautiful.

        My point being is that try to find the 'good' in every situation.And see how it works for you.Even if it back fires,do let me know.