Saturday, April 16, 2011


The other day,I was listening to the radio and they were asking people to tell what things they used to think were cool, but when they grew up,they realized's not. SO,I decided to make a list of things,people,' behaviour' which I used to think were cool, but really are not anymore.

-I used to think Pokemon was cool. But then I grew up and realized that watching weird creatures who only say  half their names,is not cool. Like  Pikachu only used to say Pika Pika and then Charmander only used to say Char Char and then there was Bulbasaur and Mew and then Mew 2 etc etc

- I used to think Wr!t!nGgs L1K3 th!$ Ww@$ tH3 B0omBxz. I admit,I used to spend HOURS trying to come up with the perfect nickname for my msn id, on MSN NICKNAME GENERATOR. Loved to embellish my names with weird symbols and signs. What was I thinking?

- I used to say 'like seriously' a lot. But later, when I saw people started making fun of them burgers, then I stopped. Good thing.

-Back in the days when we DID NOT have digital cameras, I really wanted to see how I look with squint eyes and twisted feet. I have a picture. Like that.

-I used to think songs from Salman Khan's TERE NAAM were cool. But before you get the wrong idea, let me say that it was totally my van driver's fault. He used to play them non-stop. I was bound to like them. I'm

-I used to think those hair beads were cute. One on each side of your head. Allah Miya.

-I used to think Back Street Boys were cool. And I thought that for a longgggggggg time, but then they started making shitty music.

- I used to watch Star Plus drammas. Like Kasauti Zindagi ki, KaavyAnjali, Millie, Hello Dolly and Son Pari. Again this was not my fault, I just wanted to sound knowledgeable, all my friends used to talk about them,i didn't want to look or sound dumb.

-I used to LOVE GLITTER LIP GLOSS. And i'm not talking about the shimmery-light-glittery one. I'm talking about EXTREME GLITTER LIP GLOSS which would put KESHA THE GLITTER QUEEN TO SHAME.