Saturday, November 26, 2011

-Take Sixty Nine- Oh, Mr. Clown!

A couple of weeks ago, me and my friends decided to watch  ‘It’ based on Stephen King's novel ‘It’ which is about a clown with serious personal-hygeine issues ( he lives in gutters!) who kidnaps children and then probably eats them. Yeah.
              I’ve always been pretty scared of Clowns so I was kind of nervous before watching this movie, but OMG this Clown was so not scary. I mean, he was ‘scary-looking’ – all clowns are, but really, this movie was such a waste of time.  In the end, the ‘demon’ in the Clown’s body takes the shape of a spider which is later killed by the ‘Loser Club’  who are actually children, but 30 years later, when they are all grown up and stuff, they return back to kill Penny-wise (that’s the name of the clown), who is now a spider. Er…
        ANYWAY. If I were to direct a movie about CLOWNS, it would’ve been so much cooler. Obviously, there would be a Clown in it, who  is loved and adored by children. And then he starts to kidnap them one by one and turns all of them into clowns and form an ARMY OF CLOWNS. A.O.C! And the A.O.C decides to go for World Domination, turning all, who stand in their way, into clowns. AYMAYZAING.

             OR we could have a Clown Princess (hahahaha) who has lost her  sense of humor and then her Clown in shining armour( haha) rescues  her and her sense of humor by impressing her by his awesome-balloon-animal-skills and things like that.
                    OR we could have a teenage Clown who goes to a regular high-school and goes through a tough time , courtesy of the bullies. He’s made fun of and then cries himself to sleep every night and then eventually becomes a loner with no Clown girlfriend.

                OR we could have a twist in the story, that our teenage-emo-clown later in his life, meets a very pretty girl who is so smitten by his Clown-ish (not sure, if it’s a word)  acts,falls in love with him and then towards the end, shocks the Clown by telling him that she’s an undercover Clown herself! AW.