Sunday, January 15, 2012

-Take Seventy-Three : Y U NO.

The insanely popular (and let’s not forget funny and random and funny) Y U NO GUY seems to be my latest obsession. I don’t know, there’s something so intriguing about him, the way his little hands go up questioningly , the way his eye-brows turn into a frown and of course, his lips, which look more like a cross between a pout and  something else.
                  It’s almost as if you can hear him…which of course, you cannot, I mean, come on, I mean, really…I mean… Also, I think, that if we were able to hear him he’d have a thick Italian accent, you know, where you go like ‘ Y U NO-A DO A THIS-A’ . I have to give credit to the guy who is responsible for creating such a BRILLIANT MASTERPIECE kay uski shakal daikhtay he, awaaz bhi ajati hay.
                        I’ve been so smitten by the Y U NO GUY, that I’ve actually started to use his famous words in my daily life. For eg : I went shopping today and there was this Aunty who pushed me and I said AUNTY, Y U NO STOP PUSHING ME? Y U NOHAVE MANNERS? ‘ Of course,  the Aunty didn’t reply, I’m pretty sure she didn’t even hear me. Next time, I’ll be sure to carry a microphone with me.
                          When I was taking my final exams, there were a lot of moments when I wanted to say ‘PAPER, Y U NO MAKE SENSE? (Esp. in my Mass Communication paper, which only God knows, what is was) Similarly, the teachers who were on duty while we were taking the exams , talked non-stop, I wanted to say to them , 'TEACHERS, Y U NO SHUT UP? Or a less offensive line like ‘ TEACHERS, Y U NO WHISPER ONLY?’
                                      Y U NO, is  obviously a grammatically incorrect phrase, but it is the only, and I cannot stress this enough, it is the ONLY, grammatically wrong phrase, I’m willing to over look because I am a very opinionated person and I really like the Y U NO GUY, and hold him in the highest esteem, so his grammar mistakes have been automatically ignored.

A very special thanks to Zee, for telling me I should blog about him.<3

Monday, January 2, 2012

- Take Seventy Two- Facebook Profiles.

    For most of us ( including me) facebook profiles can tell a lot about a person. But much of this depends upon how good of a stalker you are and how far are you willing to stalk that person? Personally, I can stalk for hours and hours. It is so much fun! It’s  free and the other person doesn’t even have to know about it. Unless you mistakenly click the ‘like’ button on a post which was made 6 months ago.

                   Then we have a problem. In situations like these, it is best to say things like ‘ Uh…my facebook id is hacked. Didn’t you get that viral video of a really hot girl and a message, asking you to open it? Dude. That wasn’t me. So there.’

                             But really, how much CAN you know about one person through their facebook page? My inner Sherlock Holmes has taught me that not everything, which people post and share on their profiles, is true. But I’ve noticed that most people, who cannot waste their time, pretending to be someone they are not, have started posting real information about themselves. Except for the ‘language section’ I mean, come on! Austrian German? Canadian French? Hrvatski? <--- I’m not even sure how this is pronounced!
                    Many people also like to lie about  ‘the work section’ like for eg, I have posted in my ‘work section’ that I am a waitress at Krusty Krabs. Which I am not. I only wish, I were. I’ve seen people posting things like ‘Working as a CEO OF BAD COMPANY'. Really? Really now? 
                      But what about those who post random false information about themselves. Like remember the time, people used to post pictures of unknown extremely good looking people and had us fooled? Who would know that a model from Venezuela is not Akram Khan from Sargodha? For the love of God, what is wrong with you people? 
                   Also, people who have flowers and hearts as their pictures, seem pretty fishy. Esp if they are a ‘male’ and were born in 1980. We obviously have something very wrong here. And profiles with names like Aisha Khan and are ‘male’ , interested in ‘women’ and studying at ‘Government College for Men’? What ARE you suggesting?

Jhoot bolnay kay liyey bhi dimagh chaiyay hota.