Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Take Fourteen-Card/Board Games.

Today,I had an amazing time (MashAllah) Miss T had us all over at her place for lunch and it was the best.
we talked,laughed,made fun of each other and the best part was the food LOL
No,the best part was the company :) Almost all my friends were there and it was a much needed hang out.We all skipped college today (lol,yeah we've been doing that a lot lately lol) and went over to my friends place.
SO later,we played a game called 'The Big Taboo' and OMG it was the best game ever.And Ive played lots of games ,so I have to totally ask Miss T to tell me where she bought them from.Heres what u do in the big Taboo,there are 3 deck of cards and they have got certain words written in Bold Letters,and under those letters there are 5 more words written which describe the Bold Letter Word.Now what you have to do is that one person has to act out that word (so that the others can guess them,but he has to do that without using those 5 mentioned words.Like If my big word is Rabbit and the other 5 words describing it are something like white,furry,carrots,hops,hare toh I have to describe this words to the others WITHOUT using these words.And I get only 2 minutes for explaining as much as words I possibly can and then its the others persons turn.
It was crazy fun.There were words like 'website' potatoes' bus lanes'legend' etc etc.
Back in the day,when I was about 5-6 years old we had Ludo,Tambola and ONO.How can I forget ONO?I loved that game like crazy.I used to literally BEG my siblings to play with me cuz they would rather do much better things than playing ONO with an annoying,obnoxious 6 year old who wants to win EVERY game.Then there was Tambola.We go to my sisters club to play it still.Its soo much fun.I dont know why I cant get enough of games like these.
Even though we have play stations and xbox’s and gameboy's and God Knows what,but the charm and excitement of playing a board game,rolling the dice and getting a six was the biggest honor then,getting bitten by a 'snake' and going 5-4 numbers back was the biggest humilation EVER.
I miss those days.


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