Tuesday, May 25, 2010

-Take Seventeen-Lady Gaga and her sometimes weird costumes.And wigs.

Listening to 'Alejandro' by Lady Gaga,cool track.I haven't seen the video,since youtube has been blocked here,yeah.But I can only imagine what the video would be like.
Based on what kind of videos she usually makes,Im thinking this video might be something like in which she wears this see through,tiny,glittery,colorful costume with black lipstick and her hair,all messy WAY MESSY,back combed and hair sprayed stiff.Probably combed to the left side.And yeah!her shoes!!Her shoes would be something like a 9 inch heel with a big yellow bow on it.And!Her glasses!!Those big,bug eyed glasses with pink glittery stripes and can't forget her fake eye lashes!she wears such ultra big,feathery eye lashes that she puts Maybelline and Loreal to shame.
Okay,Im not anti-Gaga,I do like her songs and I admit,she can sing,but I wonder whats up with her sense of style.I mean,she's really pretty,why does she have to always go over board with her wigs and these weird costumes?Probably,that just another strategy of hers to get people notice her and OMG does it work?Absolutely!See,im talking about her!lol.
I read somewhere that she's thinking of getting not her nose,not her ears,not her lips but her ENTIRE BODY re-shapped.Is she for real?What does she intend to do with herself?Is she on her way to become the next Michael Jackson?Sheesh.
Its such a materialistic world out there!
Miss Gaga,heres some free advice for u,Don't go for the surgery!You already are pretty.Plus your'e rich too now.hahah.No,seriously,you really do look just fine and dandy the way you are.Why go through all that pain?And what if you don't like the way your plastic surgerified body turns out to be?What then?would you get it re-plastic surgerified?
Actually,I guess she would.Hmph.

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