Friday, May 28, 2010

-Take Eighteen-Double Standards.

Im super scared of snakes.When I was about 9 years old,I heard about the snake which has double heads.I was freaked out.
When I grew up,I heard about people having two faces.
And Guess what?
They are even MORE freaky than the 2 headed snakes.Much,much worse,infact.At least the snake with two faces does not make false promises,does not pretend.They just slither around,hissing and scaring the living day lights out of people like me.
I don't really get it why it is so hard for people to just be themselves.I mean,you are already what you are,you don't even have to work hard at it.It comes naturally (Yeah,Salena Gomez!). Why put so much effort in being someone you are not?Dont they get it? The people who are going to like you for this 'fake self' might,infact,WILL like you even better if you be honest and be true to yourself and them too.
Ive met a lot of shitty people in my life.
I used to have anger issues,but now,meeting people like them,has somehow increased my bull-shit tolerance level.I'm more patient now. Thankyou so much,shitty,double faced people.
I've learned from my mistakes.
I will not repeat them.Had my share.Not going to go through all that again.
Meeting people with double standards has somehow made it hard for me to trust people now,since I can't decide who is true to me and who is not?
Anyway,Im glad that people can't be like squares.Imagine having to deal with people with four sides!Two is enough.One is better.Actually,it's the best.

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