Saturday, May 1, 2010

Take Thirteen-Expectations.

'Doing so much for someone yet they never appreciate it'
'Hating when whatever you do for someone,goes un noticed'
'I will never be there for u agaain because you're never there for me'

I dont know,if I fit in the above mentioned categories.But much thanks to my 'this is me-take it or leave it type A atttitude' I think I can be put up there somewhere.
Ive got many friends,(Im blessed :) ) and yes,I have one particular friend,who does a lot for me and she wishes I did the same for her.If not doing it then at least I could act a little more considerate for her.She says and I quote 'you're just not bothered'.
And then I thought about it and I realized that she is right.I mean,it hurts when you do so much for someone and you reply to them with a definite lack of enthusiasim.
Im not a very self-less type,love for all hate for none person,but I guess someone who IS there for you and who DOES go the extra mile for you,should be worth of the same attitude.Its only fair.
So,I've changed a little,I try to be nicer more caring now because I know she'd be there for me when I need her anytime.Its not just friendships and relationships,but ANYTHING which has some value in your life,does require a certain amount of commitment from your side too,you have to give it your attention and time,even if,we would much rather do stuff for our ownselves.
My Patience and tolerance gets often misinterpreted for stubborness and arrogance.I try not to talk back when in a fight,not that I dont have anything to say.Believe me,i can say A LOT and A LOT,but u see,if i did the same as him/her,there won't be any difference between me and that person,right?
If someone barks and you bark back too,that would make you a dog as well.Think about it.
But I guess,im lucky in this aspect that people who are important to me know this in their hearts that im not as selfish or as stubborn as im thought up to be.They recognize my intention in a positive light.I'd feel only too bad and pathetic if at any given time Ive hurt someone by what Ive said or done.When I look back,I cant think of anything THAT bad which I should be truly ashamed of.Of course,there were mistakes and the thing is not to repeat them.That I wont.Lession well learnt,the first time,thankyou very much.
We should all be happy with whatever and whoever we are.We shouldnt give in to what other people want us to be like.Trust me,its so much easier being yourself rather than being someone who's clearly not you.Even though this friend of mine had been complaining about my attitude since long ago,but it was an opinion wich came from somone who cares for me,so i took it as a comment which is intended to be benefit me.
To change or not is entirely ones own decision,thats what I think.What circumstances should bring this change or bring this change is a topic which should be discussed over a hot cup of tea.


Anonymous said...

yumnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my loveeeeee i loveeeeeeee soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh....iam soo sorryyyyyy if i hurt you.... you are my lifee. thank u soo much for always being there for me...and yesss thank u soo muchhh for yesterday....... u are the best.....muahuuuuu

summer said...

besides meowing at cats till they meow back i also tried doing what u wrote here but i failed badly times its so hard not to talk back esp if ure driven crazy by ur hubby and u least deserve it .. like all good wives are required to do i behaved very differently today im very upset today but im happy that u realise all this ..God bless