Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Take Twenty Five-Prince Charming.

Last night,I couldn't sleep at all,I had a fever and my stomach was kind of upset too,and I wanted to throw up,but Im scared of throwing up (Okay,eew),and then I started shivering and the temperature was like around 38 D Centigrade,my teeth were chattering too,and it made me think of Scooby Doo and Shaggy and how THEIR teeth used to quack like crazy whenever they say a Ghost or a man wearing a Vampire/Angry Fireman/Dracula/Mummy/Zombie/Clown/Pirate etc Mask.Booo.
Anyhow,I switched on the radio and there was a song playing called 'I hate love stories',it's from the new film staring Sonam kapoor and Imran Khan.I love the song,and I recorded it and kept on listening till I learnt the lyrics to that song.
So,anywayyy,I was thinking how all of us (um,I'm speaking for the ladies,here ) keep on dreaming/wishing/hoping/thinking that SOMEDAY OUR PRINCE WILL COME.And I have all the Fairy Tales to blame,esp Snow White,cuz I remember her singing SOMEDAY MY PRINCE WILL COME,in a jungle.
Maybe,if I sing that song too,very loudly,my Prince Charming will show up,too?
Highly Unlikely.LOL
But,it's not like Im waiting desperately for Charming to come.I know,he too,wil hurt me sometime...sooner or later.
Just cuz he's good looking,and rides a horse,and wears lots of badges,and combs his hair back,doesn't mean that he won't stab me in the back.
There is no thing such as 'Prince Charming' just cuz Cinderella and Aurora(sleeping beauty) and Snow White (I don't remember her real name,or maybe snow white,itself,was her real name,anywayyy),got lucky,doesn't mean we'll end up with Mr.Perfect too.
And what about Belle from Beauty and the Beast.Okay,so she has a soft corner in her heart,for a BEAST,who is not ACTUALLY a beast,but a PROUD PRINCE WHO REFUSED TO HELP AN OLD LADY (disguised as a fairy) so she turned him into a BEAST and then in the end the curse breaks cuz of BELLE'S LOVE and so the BEAST turns into A PRINCE.And a very good looking one at that.
Shrek...hmm Princess Fiona,turns into an Ogre too...what if she were'nt cursed?What if she had not turned into an Ogre,would she have married Shrek?Only she can answer that.
Who knew Vampries were so Handsome?Now it has all the girls wishing for a VAMPIRE rather than a PRINCE CHARMING.My question : Would a Vampire stab u in the back too,or would he rather sink his teeh in your neck?Hmmm.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

-Take Twenty Four-Online Games.

So,we've all heard about Farmville and how addictive it is!!I myself used to play that game like crazy!!but USED to!And then one day,I just woke up and didn't feel like playing it anymore,didn't feel like ploughing the fields,didn't feel like sowing seeds,didn't feel like planting trees,didn't feel like harvesting my crops!
And then I just stopped playing it.But the rest of my family!Oh God!they STILL play it!they had even made 'fake facebook accounts' just so they could have more neighbours and be able to access more things there.
I never played Poker,or Mafia Wars so I don't really know if they are any good or not.
Some of my fondest memories of childhood is playing Barbie-SuperModel,and oh my GOD!it was sooooooooo awesome!I used to play it all day long!and then my brother did something with the Cd,it stopped working.Pfft.
Right now,as I,my brother is playing this Cricket game on miniclips.I was never good at playing sports games or racing games.Everytime,I tried my hand at playing it,after just 3 minutes on it I used to get a neon-blinking-sign saying ' TIME OUT' OR 'TRY AGAIN' or 'QUIT'. lol
Random thought,which is totally unrelated to this post is,that,today after like succchh a long time I heard Janet Jackson's song 'All for You' and I saw its video too,which used to be the coolest vid in the 90's and Janet Jackson has SUCH a nice smile!!OMG!
I really like nice smiles,I mean who doesn't?The bright smiles,with the teeth levelled and shiny as diamonds.Who would find Big chessy smiles,with yellow crooked teeth (with,maybe,even one teeth with a black hole in it!thankyou cavities!)attractive??Maybe the Pirates would!Arrrr!Matey's! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

-Take Twenty Three-Gossip!!

Everybody...well,maybe,not everybody,but MOST of the people,are REALLY interested in knowing/finding out/talking about, other people and what happened to those other people,what did these other people say,where did these other people go?what clothes did these other people wear and,mind you,had they already worn those clothes,previously,some place else too?If yes,that's an added bonus!
You know,where im going with this?Yeah,thats it.Gossip.All of us,including me,are just so interested in finding out what's going in other people's lives!!
Im trying to break off this habbit (cuz,lately,I've been doing lots of searching on Islamic articles and not that I didn't know,that gossiping is bad,but now,Im seriously thinking of giving this habit up,for good!)
Recently,there was this burglary which took place near my house,and my Mom and our neighbours just couldn't stop talking about it!One of our neighbours actually came up to our place today to tell this to us.I mean,okay fine,the theives came,they did whatever they wanted to,then they left.What are we rambling on about?

But it's just so tempting!Esp. when you notice things about certain people and then pass on that information to other people and those other people pass that information to other people,and they pass it on to other's and ultimately,the person who was being talked about---finds out.
One easy way,I've realized,in resisting this over-powering urge is to think how I would feel,if somebody were talking 'not very good things about me'.It wouldn't feel good,right?So therefore,I shouldn't do it either.I mean,If I dont want people talking about me,then I shouldnn't be talking about them either.Makes sense.
It's so hard,esp when my friends call me up and ask me,'hey did u talk to so and so recently?Yeah?What did she/he say?' and then I end up telling them what they say.Now,I'm just careful,I mean I give them the 'edited' information.
I get it now.People tell me things because they trust me.
Thy trust me not to pass on the information.If they wanted it to be passed along further,then they wouldve done it themselves.When they tell me,they expect me to take it to my grave.
Not all things are meant to be shared.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

-Take Twenty Two-'About Me'

I've been reading lots of 'About Me' sections,which people tend to fill,in their 'Profile' page and I've observed that many of them write things like ' I'm an open book,anyone can read me' and it got me thinking,what if you were THAT book,which nobody wanted to read? I mean,it could happen,right? And many of us,these days,don't even LIKE reading books,unless its about Vampires.Or Werewolves.Depending,wether your'e on Team Edward or Team Jacob. (I'm somewhere in the Middle,like both of them,Im more like Switzerland...Playing Neutral!ha!)Some don't read books, because they just dont want to,some don't read them because they don't have the time to read books. Personally,I'm all for books.I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE reading.But there are certain books like,Stephenie Meyer's book,THE HOST,after the much loved,much talked,much hyped TWILIGHT SERIES,I had lots of expectations from THE HOST too,I was so looking forward to another gorgeous fictional character to crush on,but I just couldn't follow it.Its still lying there on my book shelf,but I don't want to read it,I just don't get it.After the first 40-50 pages,I lost it.And another one Judith McNaughts 'Almost Heaven'-This one,im somewhere in the middle,I just dont want to continue reading it,whereas its considered to be one of Judith's greatest works,but its so boring!I mean ALL HER BOOKS ARE THE SAME :One young,beautiful,naive girl,falls in love with a Tall,Dark,Handsome,RICH RICH RICH Man,who treats girls like crap,and then he breaks her heart and then she ends up having his child and the child,in the end,serves as a reason to connect back with each other,with our TALL DARK HANDSOME RICH RICH RICH lad as shameful as a...something,and promises never to break her heart again.Oh God.
Okay,another thing I came across,while reading the 'ABOUT ME'S' was that,its funny how people think it's cool and somehow people will think it's just so awesome to use swearing words like 'Don't add me.I'm a Bitch.Fuck Off'-Excuse me?Okay,then,moving on...and it's also weird how people type CRAZY LONG things about themselves like this 'H!!!!!! iMMmmm FrrroOI00m P@@k!sT@@N!!'-Seriously,people,what's up with you?Where do you find the stamina to type like this?Isn't it much easy to type LIKE THIS and its actually easier to read too.Otherwise,you might end up with one of your eyes out of its socket trying to squint and then un-squint just to see what has actually been written.
Some people,call themselves as 'Aliens' too(In their About Me’s)Probably,they've figured that,the MAARRY FRANDSHAPPERS would probably leave us,knowing that we live on Mars and eat Sand and drive UFO’S.
Till next time!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

-Take Twenty One-Costa.

Have you ever wondered,how lame it is,when you don’t know what a certain word means and you give it your own personal interpretations?And those personal interpretations are out of this world,downright outrageous.For example,I remember this time,when I was in 10th grade,and I was text messaging a friend,who really used to go abroad and all,but at that time she was in Pakistan,and it so happened that I asked her,what’s up?And contrary to the famous reply ‘nothing much,whats up with you?’ she said,Im at Costa with my cousins.
Okay,so at that time,I didn’t know that ‘Costa’ is a Coffee House.Costa was also the name of this really evil,but exceedingly rich and handsome man in one of Sidney Sheldon’s Novels ‘The Other Side of Midnight’ and ‘Memories of Midnight’.Of course, I could’ve asked her what is ‘Costa’?but for some apparent reason,I just didn’t.And then I thought that maybe Costa is some place in America or Uk or somewhere out of Pakistan, and that maybe,she’s out abroad,with her cousins having a ball of a time,where as she was right here, in Karachi,sipping coffee.
Oh Wow.It was only later,after a few months,that we were going somewhere and I came across this hoarding which read ‘COSTA COFFEE NOW OFFERING SOMETHING SOMETHING ETC ETC’ and I was like, WHAT??costa COFFEE?
Needless to say,I felt very stupid.I don’t know that,why, at times, we don’t ask,when we don’t understand something.I mean,you can only get help, when you ask for it. Now,I do that.I don’t think it’s embarrassing, if you ask if you don’t understand anything. It will only save you from further embarrassing situations. Imagine, me telling a friend ‘Hey have you ever been to Costa? I so want to go abroad!I really want to go to places with interesting names like Costa!’

Monday, June 7, 2010

-Take Twenty-Karma.

There are quite a few things,I believe in.
Apparently,Karma is one of them.I remember listening to one of Miss Alicia Keys songs called,wait for it...Karma.Yeah,it was a cool song,but I didn't really get the lyrics at that time.The lyrics were something like "Cause what goes around, comes around. What goes up, must come down". When I first heard it,it actually sounded like if she's taking about a throw ball match,like you throw a ball,up in the air,it comes down,in your hands,or on your head,depends on how good ur motor skills are.
ANYHO,but then,I grew up,I came across certain things and events where I became a true witness to the fact that 'what goes around, comes around.What goes up, must come down'.
You do a bad deed today,you something bad today,and tomorrow,or a week after,or a few monnths,or years,OKAY FINE WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY IS THAT AFTER SOME TIME the same thing which you had previously done with somebody,comes back knocking at your door and when you open the door,it hits you in the face.Yeah,like a Ball(remember,my understanding of Alicia's Karma?!See?See?I was right,after all!)On the contrary,you do something good today and when you open the door,the ball is there,but wrapped in a ribbon as a gift.Meaning to say that its something NICE.
Or we could say,that as you sow,so shall you reap.
So,how to avoid getting HIT by this Karma?Easy.Sow good seeds,so that you get good quality crops.Omg.My farm vocab is totally pathetic.But it makes its point.You do good things,you behave nicely with someone,you get the same kind of behaviour from others too.Contrary,you do something bad,and what will happen?Yeah,no points for guessing this one.
Even,Mr.Justin TImberlake (sigh) seems to agree with me this one.Apparently he has a song about it too,remember?what goes around goes around comes all the way back aroundd yeaaaaaahh?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

-Take Nineteen-If I...

I was wondering that how these days,everybody seems to be coming out with a book,or launching a band,or directing a movie or a perfume and God knows what.So,it got me thinking that IF I had to do something like this for exapmple,if I had to write a book,what would it be about?what would be its title?
Hmmm.I would ,perhaps,write a book about a Cat.Who is a super hero.If Scooby Doo can solve mysteries then I can have a Super-Cat.The book would be called Meow...If You Need Me.
If I were to direct a movie,it would be about how everyone says that they tolerate everybody's nonsense.Like,u know if they have a fight with someone,they tend to say," Am I here to put up with all this" and the other person also thinks along the same lines like "Im not here to put up with all this". The movie would be called " YES,YOU ARE TO PUT UP WITH ALL THIS".
If I were to launch a perfume,it'd be called Scent Y. If i had my own clothing line it would be called YSH (duh,what else!).
If I had a morning show I would call it The YSH Subha Bakhair Show,the evening show would be called The YSH Evening Show.I would probably be needing my very own TV Channel to then.Something like YEO or YAJ or YAAG or YUNIA hahahahahaha.