Wednesday, June 16, 2010

-Take Twenty Two-'About Me'

I've been reading lots of 'About Me' sections,which people tend to fill,in their 'Profile' page and I've observed that many of them write things like ' I'm an open book,anyone can read me' and it got me thinking,what if you were THAT book,which nobody wanted to read? I mean,it could happen,right? And many of us,these days,don't even LIKE reading books,unless its about Vampires.Or Werewolves.Depending,wether your'e on Team Edward or Team Jacob. (I'm somewhere in the Middle,like both of them,Im more like Switzerland...Playing Neutral!ha!)Some don't read books, because they just dont want to,some don't read them because they don't have the time to read books. Personally,I'm all for books.I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE reading.But there are certain books like,Stephenie Meyer's book,THE HOST,after the much loved,much talked,much hyped TWILIGHT SERIES,I had lots of expectations from THE HOST too,I was so looking forward to another gorgeous fictional character to crush on,but I just couldn't follow it.Its still lying there on my book shelf,but I don't want to read it,I just don't get it.After the first 40-50 pages,I lost it.And another one Judith McNaughts 'Almost Heaven'-This one,im somewhere in the middle,I just dont want to continue reading it,whereas its considered to be one of Judith's greatest works,but its so boring!I mean ALL HER BOOKS ARE THE SAME :One young,beautiful,naive girl,falls in love with a Tall,Dark,Handsome,RICH RICH RICH Man,who treats girls like crap,and then he breaks her heart and then she ends up having his child and the child,in the end,serves as a reason to connect back with each other,with our TALL DARK HANDSOME RICH RICH RICH lad as shameful as a...something,and promises never to break her heart again.Oh God.
Okay,another thing I came across,while reading the 'ABOUT ME'S' was that,its funny how people think it's cool and somehow people will think it's just so awesome to use swearing words like 'Don't add me.I'm a Bitch.Fuck Off'-Excuse me?Okay,then,moving on...and it's also weird how people type CRAZY LONG things about themselves like this 'H!!!!!! iMMmmm FrrroOI00m P@@k!sT@@N!!'-Seriously,people,what's up with you?Where do you find the stamina to type like this?Isn't it much easy to type LIKE THIS and its actually easier to read too.Otherwise,you might end up with one of your eyes out of its socket trying to squint and then un-squint just to see what has actually been written.
Some people,call themselves as 'Aliens' too(In their About Me’s)Probably,they've figured that,the MAARRY FRANDSHAPPERS would probably leave us,knowing that we live on Mars and eat Sand and drive UFO’S.
Till next time!

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