Monday, June 21, 2010

-Take Twenty Three-Gossip!!

Everybody...well,maybe,not everybody,but MOST of the people,are REALLY interested in knowing/finding out/talking about, other people and what happened to those other people,what did these other people say,where did these other people go?what clothes did these other people wear and,mind you,had they already worn those clothes,previously,some place else too?If yes,that's an added bonus!
You know,where im going with this?Yeah,thats it.Gossip.All of us,including me,are just so interested in finding out what's going in other people's lives!!
Im trying to break off this habbit (cuz,lately,I've been doing lots of searching on Islamic articles and not that I didn't know,that gossiping is bad,but now,Im seriously thinking of giving this habit up,for good!)
Recently,there was this burglary which took place near my house,and my Mom and our neighbours just couldn't stop talking about it!One of our neighbours actually came up to our place today to tell this to us.I mean,okay fine,the theives came,they did whatever they wanted to,then they left.What are we rambling on about?

But it's just so tempting!Esp. when you notice things about certain people and then pass on that information to other people and those other people pass that information to other people,and they pass it on to other's and ultimately,the person who was being talked about---finds out.
One easy way,I've realized,in resisting this over-powering urge is to think how I would feel,if somebody were talking 'not very good things about me'.It wouldn't feel good,right?So therefore,I shouldn't do it either.I mean,If I dont want people talking about me,then I shouldnn't be talking about them either.Makes sense.
It's so hard,esp when my friends call me up and ask me,'hey did u talk to so and so recently?Yeah?What did she/he say?' and then I end up telling them what they say.Now,I'm just careful,I mean I give them the 'edited' information.
I get it now.People tell me things because they trust me.
Thy trust me not to pass on the information.If they wanted it to be passed along further,then they wouldve done it themselves.When they tell me,they expect me to take it to my grave.
Not all things are meant to be shared.


sameen said...

i loved it HSY..i am so proud of you. You have updated your blog, dint read the whole of it, loved the gossip wala article.

-Yumna S Hayat said...

SAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNN!!!thankyou so much!! I was wondering where u are!T told me that u've de-activated ur fb account!Miss you!Hope ur having a FABB time !!