Friday, July 30, 2010

Take Thirty Six-Live-Life...Lost.

-So,I will go there tomorrow and buy the shoes I saw there,for Eid.
-I’m really,really tired,lets put this work away for tomorrow.
-Darn it!I missed her call!Oh ,no problem,I’ll call her later!
-My college is opening next Monday.
-My brothers birthday is next week!
-Yeah,the college will open and we’ll immediately have those ‘Grand Tests’ for which I’m absolutely not prepared for at all!It’s okay,I know I’ll come through.
-Have’t met my eldest sister for about a week now!Should definitely make plans for it!
-I woke up late this morning and my Father had already left for his Office,by then,so I really didn’t get a chance to meet and greet him.Oh,I’ll ask how’s he doing in the evening.
-It rained so hard this week.I wonder,if it would rain harder again,next week and the college would be closed for another week or so!
-I shouldn’t have argued with my Mother tonight…I’ll aplologize in the morning,for sure.She’ll understand.
But…what if there is NO tomorrow?What if today,this very moment,was the last chance,life would ever be giving me to mend my self,my mistakes,my character and my life?All these plans,these intentions,what about them? My life…is a continuous series of planning.One plan after the other.Or,if not plans…it’s a continuous series of intentions-The things I intend to do and don’t intend to do. They would be on hold-Forever.
Life is so un reliable.It comes with no money-back gurantees and absolutely no exchange offers and pathetically un reliable.I don’t even know if I’d breathe the next breath or not.I will as long as my Allah wills.But for how long-That I do not know.
No one does.
Day by day,we make so many plans,about doing things,seeing people,meeting people,seeing places,studying things,observing them,attending gatherings,having hopes and dreams of changing the world,thinking of grand ideas to improve our lives-and never,anyone of us,stops to think :Will I get a chance to do what I want to do?Would I even be alive,then?
No,I don’t think anybody thinks like that because that pretty much classifies as a very morbid thought.I mean,not being alive to do what you want to do?Going to a friends place,and never coming back?People would probably make fun of you for thinking like that.Why?
There’s a word for it.
It’s called Hope.

We hope,that we get to do the things we want to,we hope that whatever those things are,we be good at them,we hope to have a safe future,we hope to come back home safely,we hope to land safely,when travelling in an Aeroplane—Yeah,the same Hope, the people on Flight, (AB202) had.

It was a terrible,terrible tragedy which has been haunting me for 3 days now.All I can ever think about is how the people on board would be feeling when they could feel the aeroplane going down knowing that this is it, I keep on thinking how the Pilot must’ve been feeling with Death staring at him right in his face,I keep on thinking how the people must be wishing for another chance at life,I keep on thinking what they were feeling when they could hear each others agonizing screams as the plane crashed into the Margalla Hills.

Another chance,was what they wished for.
Another chance was what they were not given.
Heart Breaking.

And let us not at any cost,forget the people who have lost their loved ones ,people say that they can imagine what they are going through, but personally, I cannot even fathom what they were/are going through. Losing a loved one,is a loss which I do not think,can be compensated with anything else. To think that you would never hear their laughter,you would never see their beautiful faces, you would never be able to tell them how fortunate you are to have them in your life-are some of the worst impossible thoughts in the sea of impossible thoughts.

Life would probably be a little less painful if we knew how to turn back time.

It’s the same.Everytime something tragic happens,you promise yourself that you’d be a better person from now on.You’d try to save and make use of every second you have. But I guess,it’s human nature that none of us remains able to stick to this resolution.But at least, let us make this promise again and TRY to stick to it for as long as we can.
May Allah (SWT) grant Patience,Courage and Strength to the people who have lost their loved ones,in this or any other accident and rest the souls of the departed,in Peace.Ameen.

Man,is indeed blind to the future.Its probably for the good if you don't know what awaits you.If all of us knew what would happen in the future,all of us would be having very little to celebrate.
'There is only one large circle that we march in, around and around, each of us with our own little picture-in front of us-our own little mirage that we think is the future.'
- Lorraine Hansbury

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

-Take Thirty Five-Rain :x

I love thunderstorms.
I love the smell of rain.
I love clouds.
I love how the trees look after rain.
I love everything about rain.
But what I DON'T like is how PAKISTANI (esp karachi ki barish)RAIN ruins everything else!The roads!The poles!THE ELECTRICITY!When you sit electricity less for an entire day,trust me,nothing,absolutely NOTHING about the rain amuses you.I mean,what is so amusing about mosquitoes and heat and um,darkness?
It's been raining here since yesterday evening.
And surprisingly the light's still here.SO why am I in a grouchy mood?Well,my sister was to come today at our place,but apparently the roads are flooded with water and their car stopped working so they had to go back to their own home instead of coming over at mine!
Hmph.All my plans are ruined.Thanks,rain.Thanks,so much.
On a more serious note,I wonder what the homeless are doing right now?Or who's homes have been destroyed by the rain?Or the ones who have lost their children because an electricity pole fell in the water and the electric current killed the children who were just out enjoying rain?Doesn't anybody think about THAT?Or are we too busy thinking about how super-lovely the weather is and how we should all eat samosa's and pakora's and drink tea?
Its simple.Since,WE are safe in our homes(even if the homes are electricity less) we don't care about the others out there,who are suffering.Oh!I know!Lets all update our fb status's about how lovely the weather is!Who cares about the people out there who are trying to save of whatever they have left from this barish?
Karachi Rains=Disasters.
I know,this post makes me sound like a person who doesn't love Nature and bla bla bla,but no,that's not it.I love Nature (thats different that I can't come with sonnets and poems about it like Wordsworth) but I thought Barish is considered to be a 'Rehmat', a Blessing.
But since when did Blessings start to lead towards destruction and mess?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Take Thirty Four-Childhood-Revisited.

Just earlier today,my sisters were talking about some of the lame things I used to do as a kid.So,I decided to take a trip down the memory lane and re-call all those stupid things which I used to do and say as a kid.I'll be honest about them.And as I recall mentally,I can say that I still do a few of those things.Okay,lets start.

1-I loved drawing on the walls.Not just any drawing,but I liked to draw stars,balloons,houses and Pakistans Flag.And I loved writing BIBI (in urdu) on the wall too,Bibi was what I used to call this woman who used to come to my place in the evening to teach me Quran.I don't know why I used to write her name,but I did.I used to sign my name too.I had REALLY bad hand writing.And after every time I drew something and when I used to get caught,I used to deny it.And then afterwards,it was me,my Mother and her handy-dandy-Imaslapusohard-hands.

2-I love make up.I used to beg my sisters to paint my nails.I remember having this red nail polish,which I not only used to paint my nails but also make tiny dots on my it was a treat when my sisters used to do my make-up.I loved the stroke of the blush-on brush on my cheeks.

3-I loved wearing my mothers or my sisters dupatta's and heels.I used to make 'sari's out of my moms dupatta.

4-I had this weird stuff toy which was Pink in color and I named it Piglet.I never used to let it go,until it lost one of its eye-buttons and then my mother hid it away someplace,never to be found again (read :She gave it to the maid)

5-One of my sisters had a habit of collecting rubbers(erasers) which were THE coolest things ever!She had erasers in the shapes of penguins,watermelons etc etc and she used to keep them in an air-tight jar,which I always had my eyes on.Eventually,I ended up having most of them,some she gave me herself,some I took myself-lol

6-The same sister also had a plastic snake.It was a cobra and it was green and grey in color.AND OHMYGOD I was scared shitless of that thing.She used to keep it in this sort of cupboard thing we had attached to our bed,and everytime she opened that cupboard to take something out,I used to run like mad cuz I thought she's taking that 'diraoni thing' out.

7-My eldest sister got married when I was just 5 years old.And everytime she used to come to karachi,I used to go to the air port to receive her.Going to the airport was and still is a treat (not necessarily cuz of Mc'Donalds').

8-I always wanted to be a bride.I used to ask my sisters to make me a 'bride'.

9-I used to ask everybody to call me by one of the following nicknames( Simba,Bambi,Gifto,Yummy)

10-My first crush was this weird actor who used to come on PTV called Nabeel.I'm not sure it was a crush,but I was fond of him.The later was Aaron Carter (the bhai of Nick Carter from BackStreet Boys)

11-I loved Potato sticks,chocochum(now cocomo) and Frooto Juice.And does anybody remember those bunties that came attached to plastic sunglasses?and bracelets?And scales?OMG I used to love them too.

12-I loved bicycling like crazy.That and hopscotch.Always wanted to learn skating,but never did,even though my brother-in-law bought me these super pair of skates for my 13th birthday but I hardly ever tried them twice.

13-I LOVED LOVED LOVED cutting my hair.I remember once I wanted to cut my hair into a 'fringe' style,I didn't know it was called a fringe,I just knew the style cuz one of my friends had it.And I have curly hair,but still I cut them into a fringe which actually looked more as if somebody had burnt some hair of that particular place on my head cuz the 'fringe' didn't turn out good so I ended up cutting the whole section of my hair which left a little bald spot just above my forehead-Oh Goody.

14-I had a boy cut till 2nd grade.

15-I wore REALLY BRIGHT COLOR CLOTHINGS(read:neon) and I LOVED frilly frocks.
I loved watching scooby-doo,power puff girls,courage the cowardly dog,johny bravo,dexters lab,Johny quest, etc etc and later I used to tell the entire episode of whichever cartoon I watched to my sister.And she being a sweetheart that she is,listened to them patiently.

16-I loved saying 'Jo kehta hey woe hota hey'.

17-I loved singing Ramzan K rozay aye-hum jhoom jhoom jaye
18-I was in the school choir.

19-I always wanted a Doll House,but never got any :(
Math was my enemy.I remember that slap I got from my sister cuz I did one some of 'sets' wrong.And she'd been teaching me 'sets' for weeks so she expected me to do them right by now,but I got it wrong.

20-I loved playing with my friends and I had quite an awful lot of them.I used to fight with them too and for some VERY STRANGE reason,whenever I got into a fight,one or the other person used to throw a stone at my head.LOL still can't figure out WHY they did that,but they did.I've been hitten thrice by a stone thrown at me by my friends.

21-I loved swinging really high and of course,I've fallen many times from that too.
I got many tetanus shots because my un-stoppable injuries.I wasn't clumsy,I was interested in stunts.I used to jump from a swing when it used to go up,I never used the steps to climb up a slide,I always used to run and climb on it from the front.Also tried walking down the slide...that didn't work out too well.I tripped and went flying in the air.Literally.

22-I loved stickers.Esp the WWF (NOW WWE) stickers which used to come with every KIDDIE WAFER PACK.My and my brother had this entire section of the self where we used to stick them.
I loved ChumpaChumps Lollipops.
I loved Sesame street dubbed in Urdu,it used to come on PTV 4:30 PM and I still remember this weird song they had about a yellow duck which went something like 'peeli hey batakh,peeli peeli hey batakh'

23-I LOVEEED playing hide and seek.
I loved signing my Moms signature.I did them once on a Monthly Test reportcard,I was caught (duh) by my Mother or my Sister--I can't remember who it was.

24-At every Parent-Teacher Conference my teachers used to complain about how I was SUCH A TALKATIVE CHILD.

25-I was crazy about this game,BARBIE SUPER MODEL it was in Saga 91 Cd.It was amazing.I used to play it everyday,until my brother killed a mosquito using that cd and afterwards it never worked.

26-I loved making Moustaches and black moles and beards on pretty cover girls.Jealous,maybe?lol

27--I used to save the calculators which didn't work and later used them as phones.OMG.

28-I had an entire class of imaginary students.
29-I loved playing kitchen kitchen.

30-I loved arranging marriages for my Barbie Dolls with Stuffed Bears.I used to invite other household members to attend the wedding-I used to serve water and biscuits to them.I USED TO FORCE my Mother for stitching clothes for my barbie dolls.

31-Then came a time when I started memorizing lyrics to songs.I even learnt Eminem's lose yourself-even though I did not understand a word he was saying and even though it was rated PG but who cares lol

32-Probably the biggest mistake of my life was to watch the movie ANACONDA-I was in fourth grade and I saw that movie at my neighbors-it took my sleep,my happiness and my peace-altogether.I was so scared of that HUGE ENORMOUS UGLY SNAKE that I thought the snake would come out of the drain in the bathroom.I was really paranoid.

That's it for now.I'll keep editing this if I recall something else!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

-Take Thirty Three-I canna' see!!

Take Thirty Three-I canna' see!!
2 and a half nights ago,I was about to go to bed,and before going to bed I ALWAYS make sure that I've switched on the alarm on my cell phone AND the alarm-alarm clock for tomorrow morning,so after checking both the things,I kept them on the side table,next to my bed,then I went and switched off the lights.
I can't/won't/don't sleep until or unless there's complete darkness in the room.Anyway,after switching off the lights,I retreated to my bed and just as I was about to lie down,I wanted to check AGAIN wether I had set the alarm on my cell phone or not.Okay,since I couldn't really SEE cuz of the darkness,I was groping for the cell phone on the side table like a Mole.Well,not really a Mole,but the situation was much alike,since Moles are blind too and they grope for things,er,insects,so here I was,in the darkness,trying to locate my cell phone after 4-5 minutes of continuous groping in thin air,I couldn't find my cell phone.
Exasperated,I stood up and switched on the lights,just to see the cell phone lying on the floor.
Good Grief.
While,I was tryna find my cell phone in the darkness,and after being unsuccessful at it,I imagined how hard life would be for a Blind person.I had an easy way out,can't find the phone,okay,lets switch on the lights,but a Blind person,wether light or no light,cannot see.How tough it must be for him.
Not that it's any easier for the deaf or dumb.
But still.
I'm glad,I can see.
I'm glad,I can see the sun,and the moon,the stars the sky,the faces,the shapes,the colors,the rainbows,the everything.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

-Take thirty Two-Say What?

Okay,now since when did people become so immature and insecure and so donwright superficial that they won't talk to people themselves unless that person texts them him/herself and if they text you themselves thats a way of letting them know,that they miss you? And if they type 'k' they are actually trying to tell you that either they are pissed off at something,or they are pissed of at you?What if the person is actually busy,and is in the middle of some crisis and he could only manage a single syllable response!But noooooo, a 'k' is a brutal response, all 'k-ers' out there,should be hanged.
I guess,the thing with all of us,is that each and everyone of us,expects a lot from the other person,but expecting something as silly as a text message first from the other person,or else you won't talk to them,EVER-is that a little too much?
These days,facebook,has a page for everything and I mean,EVERYTHING,from how everybody's life is messed up,how everybody has have had those times where nothing seems to be going on well,nobody seems to understand you,how everybody has been hurt by somebody,how everybody thinks that they care too much,and the other person doesn't give a damn about it,how everybody thinks that they are being ignored while they are always there for others,how everybody has had those people in their lives,for whom they keep on doing so much,and yet they never appreciate their efforts. (And our idea of doing 'so much' is to be the first one to text/call)
My question : if EVERYBODY is being HURT.or going UN-NOTICED,or being IGNORED by somebody else (who is also a part of everybody)then who are we going to put the blame on?Who will be that mean person who doesn't understand us,who doesn't care for us,who ignores us,who doesn't miss us?While,we,(we are also part of 'everybody') are the epitome of Niceness?
This world would be such a better place,if EVERYBODY was honest about their work,themselves, made an effort to understand each other,but we don't have time for that,now,do we?But!We DO have time to make pages and groups on social sites with the purpose of gathering all 'k-haters' on one platform.
It is okay to be depressed a little now and then,it is okay to think that this world with its people is out to get you and it is okay to think that your life is one endless episode of Survivor or LOST after another,but it shouldn't be the only sole meaning of your life.Are you that shallow that your mood would totally get ruined and the world would end if you do not get a call from your boyfriend or maybe,even a friend?If you are that oblivious to such things,then,seriously,you are wasting your time.
There are people out there who would give up the world to be in your ugly shoes,so think before you say how unlucky and miserable you are,and concentrate on the good things in your life.Good life,does not mean that you wear a gold ring on every finger ( even your toes!)or you sail to West Indies in a private yacht,while you sit and flip through pages of COSMO and sip lemonade, it is actually the little things which you don't even realize that you have,which other people do not.
Time to reflect a little.
Time to straighten up your priorities.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

-Take Thirty one-Friendships.

They say,man is a social animal,it cannot live in isolation,it needs people to communicate its ideas,thoughts,opinions bla bla bla.
To think of,how this world would be,if we actually DID live in isloation?I mean,how would it be to not have any friends at all?How would it be to just sit in a room all by yourself,all the time?
Sure,alone time,can be a good thing,but what if you are alone ALL THE TIME?Would that be a good thing?Friends are important.As I mentioned earlier in one of my blogs that people do not come with warning signs,so you'll come across good friends and bad,people.I have had both.I've had good friends,which,for some reason,are not with me now,but since the time I've spent with them,was good,so I call them good friends.And of course,I've had the pleasure of coming across total goofs too(If I had known earlier,what kind of monster they'd turn out to be later on,I would've run like a cat on fire)and I'm blessed to have really,really good friends too,some of which I've known only for a little while,but they turned out to be really great (Read:Raza Humayou! :) ) It isn't about how long you've known a person,its about who came and never left ( Okay.Fine.I got that from a page on facebook)Little Raza is one of my very talented friends,and we worked together in a play,for our Annual Function of our High School.And those were probably the best days of my life.I did'nt know,i'd make a friend,who would be such a total sweatheart ( This is actually starting to sound as if Raza paid me for writing this about him lol ) But,just as bad people don't come with warnings,the good people also don't come up with Neon Blinking signs reading 'I'm very nice,be friends with me or suffer'.And I have many other countless good friends too!Good Lord!I'm blessed!!
I've noticed how many people don't get along well with their siblings either!I love my sisters and my brother!And even my sister-is-law!OMG!I can't imagine what it'd be like to not to talk to your sisters and fight with them over some 'property issue'.
I think,blood relations,are and should go deeper than such petty things like not to talking to you sister/brother because they built a house on this piece of land,which was actually supposed to be yours and you take the matters to court and so many other people get involved too!You brother/sister if they are considerate,should've never built that house over your entitled property without your consent (without buying that land) and even if they did...wait,what if my sisters or my brother decide to build something on my property?
ha!I don't HAVE any property!!lalalala!
And,of course,if everything and everybody else fails,there's always God you can count on.That probably the purest friendship you can get here.

Friday, July 16, 2010

-Take Thirty-Limited Profile :x

One of the truly,most irritating/annoying/blood boiling things,which I forgot to mention in the list of annoying things,which I had made earlier,is that I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE WHO ADD ME IN THE 'LIMITED PROFILE LIST',I mean,seriously,do I look like a stalker to you?Okay,fine,nobody LOOKS like a stalker,but what is up with the fact that first you add me,and then put me in some retarded list where I can't view a single bloody thing in your profile,then what did you add me for?
Might as well delete me then!
Its not as if,I'm going to use your pictures for some un-lawful thing or I'm going to save them and print them later on and make fake id-cards for myself.Or post your videos of you singing 'happy birthday' at a friends birthday,on youtube.If you do not trust me enough,then you shouldn't have added me,or if I HAVE added you and you are having doubts about me,then you just ignore the damn request.
I know,people have reasons for keeping you till their limited profiles too,but then what's the point of adding you as a friend?
I don't even know,if other people feel this way about being restricted to limited profiles...but whatever,this is MY blog,and I DO find it pretty stupid.Boo,you limited profilers.Hmph.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

-Take Twenty Nine-In Sickness And in Health.

Whoever said,'Health is a great blessing' probably,wasn't kidding.
Being sick,is the worst feeling in the whole world.When you don't feel well from the inside,nothing looks well on the outside too.
Recently,my Father fell sick,he was complaining about his Liver,and he had a fever,and kept on vomitting and shivering and back aches and headaches-in short,he was VERY sick,but despite our (My moms,mine,my brothers and my sister-in-law's)thousands of plea's and requests,he didn't go to see a Doctor.
It happens all the time.It's like this,everytime someone in our family falls sick,my Father is usually the first one to protest against the idea of going to a Doctor.I don't know why,but he says that if you go to see a Doctor,he would tell you whats wrong,but with that,he would also tell you what else is wrong too,they just want to take/make money out of you,they don't care about your health and bla bla bla.
I tend to disagree,although I too,do not really like going to Doctors,(maybe,I inherrited this trait from my Dad lol) but I do agree,that if you do go to one,they do let you know whats wrong and what treatment or cure should be given,they give you all the medicines you need,they look after you and before you know it your'e good as new.And yet,of course,there are also times when Doctors have made cases worse.But why risk it?Why risk your own health,sitting at home,doubled over with pain,wasting time,making yourself and people around you anxious and worried sick,when you can go to someone who can actually be good for your health?
My Father,waits for the last minute,when he himself or some other member of the family reaches a particular point,where they just cannot take it anymore,and they HAVE HAVE HAVE,GOT GOT GOT to see a Doctor.If it's my Father who is the patient,even after he has reached the ultimate point of Painfulness,he still needs lots of convincing before he actually GOES to see a Doctor,he'd much rather prefer his own home than a Hospital.This 'convincing' is usually done by my elder sister,who has gained quite a reputation in our house,for being that one person who can convince Dadyy Dearest to go see a Doctor.
So,finally,after lots of pleaseeeeeee's and pleasseeeesss's our Father finally,decided to go to the Doctor,and he found out that he has some Liver Infection,nothing really to worry about,but painful at the same time.And here,us (who were at home) were wondering,keeping the symptoms in mind,(feeling cold,high fever,shivering,nausea,backaches,headaches) that our Father is probably suffering from Malaria.
Oh Goody.
We are the Family of The Lost Causes.
Doctor,or no Doctor,we love our Daddy all the same.
Have a speedy recovery,God Bless.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

-Take Twenty Eight-Spellings.

There are times when you forget the spellings of the easiest words on earth.I mean,not the ENTIRE spelling,but you can't make up your mind wether they were too ee's in that word, or one,wether it was double ss or just a single s,you know,errors like that.For me,I always got confused whenever I had to write ' writing' or 'written'.I used to keep on wondering wether they are two T's in 'writing' and a single T in 'written' :x but now,amazingly,I dont get confused between them! The same thing used to happen and still happens at time ( I have't yet mastered this one)whenever I had to write 'embarrassment',I used to write it like 'embarassment' or embarrasment' then I sort of made a rule that in embarrassment you have double double i.e double r and double s. :) And yet,I still get it wrong at times.hahah
I don't like spelling mistakes,like the same way I dont like it when someone says 'I didnt KNEW'-Horror!-It's not that I'm being snobby or anything or like they say over here 'ohoo English agaie toh kiya samajti ho apnay apko?' its just that,I would get it, if this type of mistake were coming from a 12-14 year old,but a 25 year old someone saying,'I didnt HAD the time' is just a downer.
But this is not a spelling mistake,I always stray away from the topic itself!Boo!I wonder if that too,is a kind of 'attention disorder'.Happens with me all the time,I start talking about something and up talking about something totally different.
ANYWAY,so,as I was saying,that you or maybe its just me,who gets confused between the spellings of some of the easiest words yet I can spell really long words with such ease!And when you do that,people expect you to spell words like 'agree' 'writing' embarrassment' correctly too. lol I hope I do get them right,in the future,cuz frankly speaking,my dear,I'm just tired of 'googling' words,to check their spellings.
Well,I could spend a few hours with a dictionary...but why would I do THAT?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

-Take Twenty Seven-ANNNOOYING!!

I always wanted to make a list of the things which annoy me the most and there is no better time to do that,than the present,so here it is,YUMNA SADIQ HAYAT'S TOP LIST OF ALL THINGS ANNOYING:
1 : I hate it when people say 'hair-s'.
2 : tYp!nG L!k3 ThHh!$$$ (ugghh)
3 : When people look at clothes and say,omg that's totally mouthwatering.I mean,how are clothes supposed to be mouth watering?!?!
4 : I hate it when people stop talking to me for no apparent reason.And when they start talking to you again,they expect you to be okay with it.
5 : I hate it when I'm sleeping and somebody opens the door and then leaves it open.
6 : I hate it when I'm sleeping and somebody closes the door with a loud thud.
7 : I get annoyed if I dont have tea in the afternoon.
8 : I hate it when my sisters,or anybody else in the family or even my friends,start talking about something,they laugh about it and I'm completely out of the loop of what's going on.
9 : I hate dusting.
10 : I hate Golden watches.I don't know how this is supposed to be annoying,but it is most definetly cheap.
11 : I hate guys who try to act too cool and try to impress a girl by telling her how pretty her profile picture looks.FYI:Save it,this is NOT going to get you her number.
12: I hate drivers who stare too much.
13 : Infact,I hate people who stare too much.
14 : I hate thankless( is that a word?) ungreatful,people.HATE HATE HATE them.
15 : I hate people who cut themselves because they are heart broken.Why don't you waste your tears for a better cause?like crying and asking for forgiveness from God?
16 : I hate depression.
17 : I hate people who do not learn from their mistakes,keep on doing it over and over again,fall on their faces and do it yet again.
18 : I hate people who blame others for THEIR faults.
19 : I hate people who act as if they don't care and when you ask them why they don't care,they say they do care,they just don't show it!YOU FOOL!HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT YOU CARE IF YOU DON'T EVEN SHOW IT?
20 : I hate guys who treat girls like shit.Who gave you this right to mess up with someone's life?Or treat her disrespectfully?And yet you are so considerate about your own sister?Treat the other girl as if you would want YOUR sister to be treated.
21 : I hate people who black mail others by saying things like 'If you really love me,you would do this for me' or 'You wont do this for me?Oh,I guess you don't love me'.You idiot,if YOU had really loved ME, YOU would NOT be asking ME to do things for you which I DONT WANT TO DO.
22 : I hate random miscalls and texts.
23 : I hate when there's no light for a looonnngg timmmeee.
24 : I hate it when someone insults someone else publically.
25 : I hate people who say 'fuck' a lot and think they are too cool.Good Grief.
26 : I hate judgemental people.I mean,if you think I'm so bad of a person,then don't talk to me,simple as that.You have to talk to me as well and say bad things about me too?Pick any one and get out of here.
27 : I hate it when somebody pulls my hair.
28 : I hate it when I miss my Fajar prayer.What makes it worse is that I clearly remember waking up during the Azan and then going to sleep again.Ughhh.I try not to do that too often.
29 : I absolutely HATE HATE HATE HATEEEEEE people,who try to steal someone else's spot light.Okay,we know,that your'e too cool and you are really great at lots of things,mind giving others a chance too and let them shine at what they do best?Okay,thanks.
30 : I hate it when people say bad things about you behind your back and be good infront of you.Look,its not that hard,if you are good infront of me,even though you are not much of my fan,then the least you could do when you get home is,NOT to say ANYTHING about me ( which includes tell the world about how I have SUCH an attitude problem)
31 : I hate people who are not consistent in what they say.You fight for something you believe in,you stand up for what you think is right,then STICK WITH /TO IT!Don't go changing your minds so often.It makes the other person confused as hell.
32 : I hate overly posessive people.I'm talking to another person,doesn't mean im plotting even schemes against you.Breathe.
33 : I hate when the radio people play a commercial in between a good song,esp the annoying time checks!!ahhh!
34 : I hate guys who try to act too cheeky with your friends of the female variety.
35 : I hate boring weddings.
36 : I hate reading a boring book.
37 : I hate people who create such big deals out of little things.
38 : I hate girls who call each other ' Bitch' and be happy about it.What's so good about being a female dog?
39 : I hate bad pictures.
40 : I hate people who are disrespectful to thei parents.
41 : I hate people who get away with all the bad things.
42 : I hate strict teachers.
43 : I hate people who can't just stop blabbing about how pathetic their personal life is. I'm all for 'venting your feelings out' but you should have a few limited people to which whom you can confide in,not the entire class of people.
44 : I hate people who are mad at someone else and take their anger out on you.Look,I'm not the one who got you all worked up,so go kill the person who is actually resposible for it.
45 : I hate boring,dull Whats your name?Ann.What do you do?Study.Where are you from? Canada. *silence* OH MY GOD!The least you could do is ask ME the same questions I asked YOU! ughhh
46 : I hate liars.I don't know if the liars actually get this,but if you be honest about your 'activites' and your 'opinions',that would actually save u lots of trouble and earn you lots of respect too.
47 : I'm an extremely patriotic PAKISTANI,so I hate people who say anything bad about it.
48 : I hate it when watching a play,the people sitting in the audience start to say mean things and rude comments about the performers.Lets see YOU,get on the stage and say a couple of words to the audience and then see who's laughing.
49 : I hate people who try too act as if they know everything and they've done everything and they've seen everything.
50 : I hate it when people,in a fight/argument start to say bad things about your family.You are arguing with ME,so lets keep this till me and me only.Don't include my family and friends here too,you have no right to do so.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

-Take twenty six-Warning!

It just occured to me,how much easier life would've been if people,came with a warning attached to the sides of the sleeves of their shirts,or pasted at their backs, or on their foreheads...warning signs like'Hi!I look totally like a nice person,but stick with me for a couple of months,and you'll regret meeting me'. or...something like 'Hi!I say nice things about you,when I'm with you,but behind your back...girl!you don't know what your'e missing!' or something like 'I may act as if I like you,but if you only knew the rate with which my blood pressure increases,everytime I see your face'.
Seriously.Life would be so much easier.It would save us all the trouble of meeting/mingling with the wrong type of people.Just by reading the signs they are wearing,we'd be able to tell which person is what type.Juding people would be a piece of cake.
But that is not how life's supposed to be,you can't tell how one is simply by looking at their faces,thus leading to the ever so famous phrase ' DO NOT JUDGE BOOKS BY THEIR COVERS'.
My own personal expereince has been such where I've had the honour of coming across the most innocent looking people (read: angelic) who did not act or talk or behave in the least way which we could term as 'innocence or angelic-ness'.
So,what do we learn from all this?
We learn that,before you jump to a conclusion or you want to know how a person is like,try to get to know the person first.Don't just form your opinions about someone solely on the basis of wether he/she is jumping from the pages of Cosmo or Vogue.If personal appearnces do matter,so it should be kept in mind that it should not be the ONLY reason for you liking that person.