Friday, July 16, 2010

-Take Thirty-Limited Profile :x

One of the truly,most irritating/annoying/blood boiling things,which I forgot to mention in the list of annoying things,which I had made earlier,is that I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE WHO ADD ME IN THE 'LIMITED PROFILE LIST',I mean,seriously,do I look like a stalker to you?Okay,fine,nobody LOOKS like a stalker,but what is up with the fact that first you add me,and then put me in some retarded list where I can't view a single bloody thing in your profile,then what did you add me for?
Might as well delete me then!
Its not as if,I'm going to use your pictures for some un-lawful thing or I'm going to save them and print them later on and make fake id-cards for myself.Or post your videos of you singing 'happy birthday' at a friends birthday,on youtube.If you do not trust me enough,then you shouldn't have added me,or if I HAVE added you and you are having doubts about me,then you just ignore the damn request.
I know,people have reasons for keeping you till their limited profiles too,but then what's the point of adding you as a friend?
I don't even know,if other people feel this way about being restricted to limited profiles...but whatever,this is MY blog,and I DO find it pretty stupid.Boo,you limited profilers.Hmph.


Anonymous said...

lol...i was just thinking about how to restrict ppl from seeing my stuff on FB...xP

talk about "what goes around comes around" xP

-Yumna S Hayat said...

lol Daikhaaaa :p

Anonymous said...


jahanzeb said...

whats up with the kisses in the background. lol

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Zaib,thats the desigggggggggggggn!!!LOL :p

Anonymous said...

so called design...=P