Friday, July 30, 2010

Take Thirty Six-Live-Life...Lost.

-So,I will go there tomorrow and buy the shoes I saw there,for Eid.
-I’m really,really tired,lets put this work away for tomorrow.
-Darn it!I missed her call!Oh ,no problem,I’ll call her later!
-My college is opening next Monday.
-My brothers birthday is next week!
-Yeah,the college will open and we’ll immediately have those ‘Grand Tests’ for which I’m absolutely not prepared for at all!It’s okay,I know I’ll come through.
-Have’t met my eldest sister for about a week now!Should definitely make plans for it!
-I woke up late this morning and my Father had already left for his Office,by then,so I really didn’t get a chance to meet and greet him.Oh,I’ll ask how’s he doing in the evening.
-It rained so hard this week.I wonder,if it would rain harder again,next week and the college would be closed for another week or so!
-I shouldn’t have argued with my Mother tonight…I’ll aplologize in the morning,for sure.She’ll understand.
But…what if there is NO tomorrow?What if today,this very moment,was the last chance,life would ever be giving me to mend my self,my mistakes,my character and my life?All these plans,these intentions,what about them? My life…is a continuous series of planning.One plan after the other.Or,if not plans…it’s a continuous series of intentions-The things I intend to do and don’t intend to do. They would be on hold-Forever.
Life is so un reliable.It comes with no money-back gurantees and absolutely no exchange offers and pathetically un reliable.I don’t even know if I’d breathe the next breath or not.I will as long as my Allah wills.But for how long-That I do not know.
No one does.
Day by day,we make so many plans,about doing things,seeing people,meeting people,seeing places,studying things,observing them,attending gatherings,having hopes and dreams of changing the world,thinking of grand ideas to improve our lives-and never,anyone of us,stops to think :Will I get a chance to do what I want to do?Would I even be alive,then?
No,I don’t think anybody thinks like that because that pretty much classifies as a very morbid thought.I mean,not being alive to do what you want to do?Going to a friends place,and never coming back?People would probably make fun of you for thinking like that.Why?
There’s a word for it.
It’s called Hope.

We hope,that we get to do the things we want to,we hope that whatever those things are,we be good at them,we hope to have a safe future,we hope to come back home safely,we hope to land safely,when travelling in an Aeroplane—Yeah,the same Hope, the people on Flight, (AB202) had.

It was a terrible,terrible tragedy which has been haunting me for 3 days now.All I can ever think about is how the people on board would be feeling when they could feel the aeroplane going down knowing that this is it, I keep on thinking how the Pilot must’ve been feeling with Death staring at him right in his face,I keep on thinking how the people must be wishing for another chance at life,I keep on thinking what they were feeling when they could hear each others agonizing screams as the plane crashed into the Margalla Hills.

Another chance,was what they wished for.
Another chance was what they were not given.
Heart Breaking.

And let us not at any cost,forget the people who have lost their loved ones ,people say that they can imagine what they are going through, but personally, I cannot even fathom what they were/are going through. Losing a loved one,is a loss which I do not think,can be compensated with anything else. To think that you would never hear their laughter,you would never see their beautiful faces, you would never be able to tell them how fortunate you are to have them in your life-are some of the worst impossible thoughts in the sea of impossible thoughts.

Life would probably be a little less painful if we knew how to turn back time.

It’s the same.Everytime something tragic happens,you promise yourself that you’d be a better person from now on.You’d try to save and make use of every second you have. But I guess,it’s human nature that none of us remains able to stick to this resolution.But at least, let us make this promise again and TRY to stick to it for as long as we can.
May Allah (SWT) grant Patience,Courage and Strength to the people who have lost their loved ones,in this or any other accident and rest the souls of the departed,in Peace.Ameen.

Man,is indeed blind to the future.Its probably for the good if you don't know what awaits you.If all of us knew what would happen in the future,all of us would be having very little to celebrate.
'There is only one large circle that we march in, around and around, each of us with our own little picture-in front of us-our own little mirage that we think is the future.'
- Lorraine Hansbury


Tehniat said...

Sigh. Thats sad stuff. We should never take our family or our loved ones for granted. We should be them every moment. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Thats so true, one minute we feel sorry that we should value each other the other we forget about what we said and then something so tragic happens to let us know life is uncertain, all of us will have to depart from this world. Lets bring a little more change, when our moment comes and we're wishing for just one more chance, lets gives our selves that one more chance right now.

Good job yumnation you've said it all.

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Tehniat,I know :(
I've been very disturbed over this lately...
Mariyo,I couldn't agree with you more :)

Anonymous said...

very true!! no one can understand how one feels when their loved one dies!!!