Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Take Sixty-Eight : The Bragging Rights.

My Mother often likes to narrate stories from her past,like, how she was such a good girl who never complained about anything, whatever her parents gave her, she used to accept it with humility, they didn’t have much but they were thankful for whatever they had. She didn’t get new clothes everytime there was a party, siblings were cool with hand-me-downs. Life was simple and so were the people.
       Her life was the epitome of simplicity and it got me thinking, not that bragging is a good thing, but really, if these people had to brag about, what would it be? Here are a few possibilities:

  •  My Chicken gave 4 eggs!! *super excited*
  •  I bought a new bi-cycle *INYOURFACE*
  • I bought another Cow. (Yes,a COW. Not a Car)
  • I can kill mosquitoes,bugs etc etc by just looking at them.
  • I know how to sew my own clothes. You DON’T know how to sew YOUR clothes, so I’m instantly so much more efficient than you. Oh!And I also know how to knit! HOWDOYOULIKEMENOW?
  • I can write letters without making silly mistakes and people can actually understand what I’ve written.
  • I can peel potatoes faster than you can say potatoes!
  • I’ve sat on a horse-carriage 10 times.
  • I know how to switch on the radio.
  • I can make Paratha’s like there is no tomorrow.
  • I can walk 8 miles in an hour,which is, impossible, therefore it elaborates my point even more.