Wednesday, August 11, 2010

-Take Thirty Nine-What makes me happpy!

About a minute ago,I got this grand idea,of writing about what are the things that make me happy.They are quite a few actually.The thing which makes me the most happy is when I see my ghar ka darwaza,after a long,tiring day at college.OMG At that moment,I'm just out of my mind happy!And you know,what makes it even better?IF THE ELECTRICITY IS THERE WHEN I COME BACK FROM COLLEGE!Score!
Another thing,which makes me really happy,is having a good laugh with anybody be it a friend or a family member.Make me laugh and I'll be your friend forever(Either that or give me Oreo's I'll be your friend forever then too :p )I also get really happy when little baby's smile at me-If they don't and they frown at you instead everybody makes fun of you saying 'O dar gaie tumay daikh key [Insert Fake laughter here]'.Hmph.Getting good marks is also another thing to get excited about.Getting good marks at a test for which u were totally UNPREPARED,is even better!
I go looney toon happy when I see cute,furry,cats.I'm not really a movie person,but whenever I do watch a good movie that gets me happy too.A good book,definitely raises my spirits.Listening to Patriotic songs on 14th August or even 23rd March also makes me really happy.My all time fav Pakistani Patriotic ganay aray Terey Bina dil na lagay-Fakhir,Aey Jawan-Awaz,Yey hi Zameen-Vital Signs. :)
Since it's Ramzan tomorrow,(yayy!)waking up really,extra realy for Sehri makes me happy too.I dont know why,but instead of being 'Omg-I can't-wakeup-and-my-eyes-are-totally-glued-together-and-Ima-hit-u-if-u-talk-to-me' person,I'm the exact opposite!I love it when my Neices tell me how much they love me.And I absolutely adore them when they make me hand-made cards saying how much they love
Basically,what gets me really very,really,really happy is when I'm about to sleep at night,and I think about the entire day-If it's well spent,if I did something good,if I made somebody else happy,then that's really it.With the feeling that God has given me the best of everything,the best of friends,the best of family,literally everything-is one thing that makes me truly happy.

P:S Ramzan Mubarak,everybody! :)


-Yumna S Hayat said...

Jaudat,dude,if u read this,I swear I was really careful about the para's this time!but they aren't that prominent!what's up with that?

Arcman said...

the reason your Para's arent that prominent is because you didnt give space between them...seriously whos your english JK..=p

i hate Orio so there goes one chance ... and if my blog isnt able to make you laugh then too bad for you , we cannot be friends..=P

the way kittens and babies look at you and smile is one of the most wonderful thing....for some odd reason i have always been good with little kids

(see how cool my comment looks with spacing b/w paras)

-Yumna S Hayat said...


I hope this is good for u :p

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Kittiess *sigh*
Koi Pet Shet hey tumara?

Arcman said...

aik kitten hai! cute see...=P..meree behen ko shouk hai!

meinay blog abhi kuch daer pehle update kiya hai! do check it out!

-Yumna S Hayat said...


Arcman said...

yes i have a kitten...=P...y?

-Yumna S Hayat said...

I want to see a picture of ur kitten!!ahhh!And also whats its name?

Arcman said...

i dun know where i can show you a picture...=s

we named it "tiger" but we call it with different names from time to time...=P

dont you have a pet?

Anonymous said...

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