Sunday, August 8, 2010

-Take thirty Eight-Promisesss!!

We’ve all had those times where,on impulse,we end up making promises and then if you are an early bird you would start regretting them a day after,or as soon as you realize that maybe,promising that was not one of the wisest decisions of your life.
Like for example,a teacher asks,a room full of students who would volunteer to ‘desgin’ (mostly its drawing and painting stuff but they use the word ‘desgin’ to make it sound more formal)the time table chart for her.And you being the eager bird,shoot your hand up and go’ oooh miss mee!I’d love too!I love drawing flowers and stars!’ But heres the catch,your teacher doesn’t want you to draw stars and flowers,no sireeeee!She wants you to draw THE BUILDING OF YOUR COLLEGE or something equally complicated with lots of angles and lines and angles of definite measurements-
Or another example,two teenagers discover they are in love.Ah,such a wonderful feeling,where everything looks like a dream and everyday is filled with happiness and you consider yourself the luckiest girl/boy ever,when every other romantic film makes u think that the lead couple,is exactly,same to same,not an inch of a differene,exactly like you and your sweetheart.And then,lost in the ashes of time…wait!!whaaaat?!?Sorry,I started writing the lyrics to Inxs ka Afterglow,lovely song,isn’t it?Oh,yes coming back,as I was saying,lost in your fairytale you end up promising things like how you both would marry each other and each other only,how both of you are meant for each other and each other only and how both of you can travel across the world and not find someone as amazing as each other.Aww.
And a year later [Most cases work this way,or if your’e lucky you ACTUALLY do get married to them and keep your promise too,I’m talking about thepeople who don’t make it through] all you can think about how wrong you were to think that you both were the same and even if you die and get a chance to live again,you would never want to marry that person,EVER,and how you were so wrong to think that you both could travel across the world and never find a person like him/her-Across the world?You can find a substitute,and a better one at that,for him in your neighborhood!-Daikha?isi liyey kehtay hein k in fuzool k chakrou mey ni parna chaiyya-This is the inner-I-told-u-so-person-talking :p

So,my point here is that,you should only promise things which u can deliver-which you are sure,that you can do it because when you promise something to somebody,if not much,they do start to expect a little from you and when you do not meet their expectations,it hurts them.I’m not trying to say that you steer yourself away from promising things,completely,but only promise stuff that you know,that you are sure of-rain or shine-that you’ll do them.

Happy Promising !


Anonymous said...

damn ure posts are long and WITHOUT ANY PARAGRAPHS...i wud really like to meet your ENGLISH teachers MISS...>.<

anyways a thoughtful post , tho it was mostly about how love stories go bad...=P

i bet you got ure heart jk *RUNS AWAY BEFORE GETTIN BEATEN*

i promise you , wait , yes i can do this...i promise you i will eat dinner today...=D

-Yumna S Hayat said...

lol hahahahahahah
And kiya matlub u'd want to meet my eng teacher?I've to follow rules of writing here too?
Okay,I-waitforit-PROMISE-that i'll be more thoughtful about the lines and the paragraphs,next time. :D

Anonymous said...

you must be thinking about your experience of getting dil-broken while writing this incredibly-long-without-paras post which is mostly about how love stories go bad....

Yes im mean..temme somethin i dun kno...>.<

plz keep ur promise and think about some spacing b/w lines and some paras...=D

-Yumna S Hayat said...

lol Not at all,this whole dil-broken story idea came along,as an after math to the idea,originally suggested by Raza,he said k u should write about how young boys and 'gals' get commited so early n make all promises of shaadi n all.Soo...

Anonymous said...

ohh did he now ? 0.o
whos he to say that? that INNOCENT bastard...=P

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Oho Oho,I can see somebody's getting highly jazbati.Waitt!Have u promised the same thing to someone else,as well?LOL :D

Anonymous said... not YET! =P...i doubt i ever will tho...