Friday, August 13, 2010

-Take Forty-Pakistan Zindabad!

Everybody,living in Pakistan would be pretty much aware about the fact that this year we are not celebrating Independence Day-14th August-How can you be celebrating when half of your country is literally under water? But that doesn’t mean that you just sit and complain about what a messed up country it is, and how bad the Government is and how they are not doing anything for anybody. I wish such people would stop blaming others for the problems,out of which,half of them are created by themselves. Don’t these people see the good things happening in our country? Can’t they see the efforts we’re making for providing relief to everybody who’s in trouble now and whoever was in trouble? Don’t we always come through for the people in their hardest times? Don’t we? And if we only plead for help from other Countries too, that doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything ourselves it’s just that the damage is on a really large scale and we need all the help we can.

Pakistan is a wonderful country with some of the most amazing people ever Abdul Sattar Edhi,Dr. Israr,Gullgee,Sadqain,Jehangir Khan,Imran Khan,Naseem Hameed,Arfa Karim,Babar Iqbal,Ali Nawazish,Dr,Affifa Siddiqui,Dr. Abdul Qadir,Shehzad Roy and the list goes on and on.What Im trying to say is that people shouldn’t give up their hopes about Pakistan so easily when so many amazing people have been here and so many young and talented people are coming alone. And are probably here to stay. Some of the people here these days have the same attitude as those who used to say that Pakistan would not be able to last even months ater its creation and look where we are now. Okay,agreed that we hit lots and lots of rough paths over the time, but who said that life had to be all Roses ? And so what our Political leaders are not there for us when we need them the most? At least WE are here for each other. And I would really appreciate if all of us would stop comparing our country and ourselves to other people.Ooh look at China!Such hard working people!Ohh look at them!Ohh look!-China is a great country(and our best friend),no doubt, but we are not China. Ever heard of individuality?

Lets face it.After 63 years we aren’t exactly where we should’ve been and lets face it that the chances of ever getting another Jinnah or an Iqbal to lead us ,are pretty slim. So its really upto us. We ARE Pakistan. We are it. We need to be honest with ourselves and honest about our work,it’s easier said than done, but it’s a start. WE NEED TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP. We can’t let the sacrifices of our forefathers go down the drain like this. We need to unite,we need to stand up. And if we fall again, we need to stand up and join the race again.

I wish all the Pakistani’s who sit and complain would stop and think for a minute about how ungreatful they are being to a country who has given them so much-They say What has Pakistan given us? It’s given you an Identity-A sense of Belonging. I love Pakistan,this is my country and I will never abandon it.Never.Pakistan Zindabad.

P: S I Salute the Pakistani Army who works so hard for us.And I salute the rest of the Pakistani’s too who make Pakistan such a wonderful country.May Allah protect our country from all the bad times and the bad people who want bad things to happen for us. May Allah help us in putting an end to Terrorism and restore peace here once again.A very,very big Ameen.

With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah


Anonymous said...

really awesome post...=D *two thumbs up*

and you gave spaces...=P

yes we shudnt complain and sit with one leg on the other...we shud thank God for the great ppl he has given us and try our best to give back to our country...

ppl say this wasnt the Pakistan Quaid wanted...i say this was the Pakistan Quaid wanted...A Pakistan in which ppl have individuality , a Pakistan in which at hard times everyone helps each other , a Pakistan in which wen disaster strucks we may fall to our knees but will still find the power to crawl...because A country like Pakistan is a country to die for...

-Yumna S Hayat said...

lol hahahahahahahahaah 'yes we shudnt complain and sit with one leg on the other'-Im imagining people sitting like that and talking trash. lol

Pakistan is a country to die for :)I'm glad u agree with me here :)
And yayy Spaces!!OMG yayy!lol

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

yes i also imagine that , ppl sitting and complaining...and didnt know how to put that in words other than those...=P

" this 14th August shall be remembered , not because of the floods but because on this 14th August we helped our 3 million brothers and sisters in the hour of need...God Bless all of us...=) "

-Yumna S Hayat said...