Tuesday, August 24, 2010

-Take Forty Two-Morning Assembly.

Despite our protests,we still have our morning assemblies in which a few girls from a specific class,come up on the stage,recite a few verses from the Holy Quran and then we have the translation of it,then a Hadees and then maybe a lame 'thought of the day' and finally the National Anthem.And sometimes the Principal even comes on the stage to announce which girl from which faculty has been suspended for what reason.

Anyway,I've been noticing how nobody pays attention to whatever is happening on the stage,everybody is so engrossed in their own thoughts that nobody even listens to what the girls on stage are saying.And the discipline teachers on duty,in the morning assembly,are stupidly annoying.And nobody listens to them either.Following is a brief scene of what USUALLY happens during the assembly:

Discipline Teacher No. 1 : Beytaa!Line mey khari hu,seedi tarhaa!
Random Attitude Girl: Yeah,whatever.
Disci Teacher No 1 : Tameez ni hey apko?
Random Attitude Girl : *Rolls eyes*

-The Girl on the stage starts to recite the Quranic verses,usually people listen to that,out of respect which is a good thing.After that's over,lets continue:

Now another group of friends in another line,talking.

Girl No .1 : Aray pata hey kal kia huwa?
Girl No.2 : Kia huwa?
Girl No. 1 : Mey kal shopping k liyey gaie thi aur itni garmi thii aur itna rouza lag ra thaa k bus mey kia...

Now another group of girls,making fun of other girls:
Girl No. 1 : Omg!Us larki ko daikho!
Girl No.2 : Alllaaah!She's so weird!
Girl No .3 : *laughs hysterically*
Girl No. 1 and 2 : *laugh hysterically together!'

-Girl on the stage:Today's thought of the day is 'Be kind to...*voice fades away*

Another group,the studying kind:
Random Nerd Girl No. 1 : Yaar!We have a physics test and u guys didnt tell me!
Random Nerd girl No .2 : Yar!Mujhey khud ni pata tha k aj physics ka test hey!I was too busy doing my Chemistry numericals when the teacher announced.
Random Nerd Girl No. 1: Oh God. *panics* ab kia hogaaa? (she usually gets the first position,but she still has to panic)

Discipline Teacher : Ssshhhh! *nobody listens*

Another Girl.Just one Girl.The Lost Kind.
Random Lost in her own thoughts girl: *siggh*

Another group of girls-The Cheapri's.
Random Cheap Girl No.1 : Aye hayee,tere phone kaha tha kal?
Random Cheap Girl No. 2: *laughs*
Random Cheap girl no .1 :Aray hans kyu ri heyy?*laughs herself*
Random Cheap Girl 2 : Tujhay kia hey mey hansu ya you *laughs again*
Random Cheap Girl No. 1 : Scratches her head*

-The Girls on the stage are getting ready for the National Anthem now.Pak Sar Zameen..

Another Group of Girls-The Burger Kind.
Burger Girl 1 : Whaddap?
Burger Girl 2 : Like,nothing.Sup with you?
Burger Girl 3 : Like omg what is that teacher wearing?
*all 3 burger girls turn around to see what the Teacher is wearing'

-Qaum ul Saltanat...(national anhtem continues)
Burger Girl 1 :Omg.that is SUCH a last year print!
Burger Girl 2 : She looks hideous!
Burger Girl 4 : Like Oh My God totally!

Another group of girls-The Sleepy Kind.
Sleepy Girl: Yaaawwwwn.
Random Girl: Kesi Ho?
Sleepy Girl? Mey *yawwwn* theek *yawwwn* tum?
Random Girl: Um..

-National Anthem Ends-Sayyai, khudae zul jalal.

Another Group of Girls-Is the teacher present today kind.
Girl No. 1: Yaar did you see the Economics teacher?
Girl No .2 : Noo!
Girl no. 1 :Allah kerey aj na aie hu yaaar!Buhat pakati hein!
Girl No. 2 : aray woh ri tumari Economics ki teacher!!
Girl No. 1 : Shit Yaaar!

-Now the Principal takes the mike and says something about how girls are bunking classes-'Assalamoalikum Girls,I've been recently informed that lots of you have been ...*

Another Group-The swearing words kind.
Mean Bully Girl no.1 : Hey Bi***,whats up?
Mean Bully Girl No. 2 :Nothing,B***h whats up with you?

-The Principal continues-So,please girls,do not bunk your classes,if I hear another word about you people bunking I will ....

Another Group-The Scared,nervous kind-
Nervous Girl No. 1 : *hyperventilates*
Random Girl: Are you okay?You look a little pale?
Neverous Girl No. 1 : *speaks in a barely audible tone* I'm fine.*looks here and there.

-The Principal is still going on about something,now she's talking about how lots of girls are coming so late in the morning.

Another Group-The Gossip/trend Group:
Girl 1 : Aray did you hear about what happended to ABC after her mom found out that she was having an affair!
Girl 2 : Omg no!what happened!
Girl 1 : She took her cell phone!
Girl 2 : Haye beychari!
Girl 1 : I know!!
Girl 3: Hey did you guys hear Beyounces latest song?
Girl 1 : naye yaar,Ramzan hey!
Girl 3: toh kia huwa?

-Principal finally stops.And all of us go and report to our specific classes.


Anonymous said...

my GOD it was soooooooooo hilarious txs for keeping it real ......n randome selection of groups fantastic BIG FAN
aisha baji

-Yumna S Hayat said...

lol THANKS BAJI,I'm glad u liked it!
Love you.

Uroojless said...

LOL!! I can imagine US doing such things!! haha I loved it!

Anonymous said...

OMG LOOOOOL!!!! ahhahaha this should completely go to our gremander takay assembly nhi ho!

Anonymous said...

i soo hate it when they talk durin ght naitonal anthem ! :) but this is exactly US !

-Yumna S Hayat said...


zee said...

sleepy kind ftw!!!! :D