Sunday, May 22, 2011

-Take Sixty-Four. Super Powers.

64As much as it sounds like a rotten old topic, there is no denying that if we had super-powers( minus the sleazy outfits and red pants…well,we can have capes cuz I sort of like the way they move in air and it makes you feel so super-powery) our lives would be so much fun. What would these super-powers be and what would we do with them? Incase you’re in the dark here or not creative enough, here are a few suggestions.

A : FLYING: It’d be great if we could, everyday fly to and back from college,work,shopping etc This is a very environmental friendly super-power since it would lessen pollution, but probably the Birds won’t like you and maybe think that you are invading their ‘personal space’ as a result of which they would claw at your face and hair. Speaking of hair, you won’t even have to blow-dry your hair anymore, just flying high,in the sky, with ‘out of the shower hair’ will get you a hair do looking much like Marge Simpson’s. The benefits of this super-power are ENDLESS.

B : LASER-EYES. Food not warm enough? Aw. Just throw some handy-dandy laser rays on them and ta-da! Somebody getting on your nerves? That’s okay. Just zap at them with your laser vision and sing Queen’s song ‘ Another one bites the dust’ Coolness.

C: MIND READING: I don’t know, if many people would want this super-power cuz it’s a little complicated. People think all sorts of thoughts. Nice ones. Bad ones. Lame ones. Not so good ones. Disturbing ones. Omg-what-was-that ones. I wouldn’t opt for this super-power.

D : EXTREME FLEXIBILITY : Naaah. Who would want to be a Human elastic band? What is so cool about being able to twist and turn from every conceivable angle?

E : TIME- PAUSE : No, no. No rewinds, forwards. Just Pause buttons. I don’t really see how this is a good thing, but if someone is making a funny face and you want to laugh, you can pause it and laugh for as long as you want to. This has to be the lamest thing I’ve ever c…

F : INVISIBILITY : THIS ONE IS NICE! AND SNEAKY :) Imagine, being able to go to places where you are not allowed or invited or better yet, sit in between two friends and hear them talk bad stuff about you. That’s some good friends you got there. Or hear them say good things about you, not all friends are mean.Imagine scaring the socks-off people by carrying things in your hands, just to realize later that you are on invisible mode.

G : NIGHT VISION : This one can come handy esp. if you are living in Pakistan since there is no light here practically throughout the day, including night of course. But have no fear, for Night Vision is here to save you day ,I mean, NIGHT. Here’s the deal , 8:00 PM,no light. If you are luacky enough to have UPS or a Generator,well good for you. But what if you didn’t or what if it runs out of Petrol or Gas or Water or whatever it is that it runs on. Then? THEN WHAT’LL YOU DO? Only if you had NIGHT VISION you could make your way out and avoid bumping into objects and walking into walls.

H : WALKING INTO/THROUGH WALLS: Walking into/ through walls is not really a super-power but it’d be cool to be able to just run towards a wall or a closed door and BAM ( no, this is not you, hitting the wall,it’s BAM COOL WALA) and BAM you are in your room. Way cool.
            Which super-power do you want to have?