Monday, May 31, 2010

-Take Eighteen-Mindless Hatred.

Okay,so,I've been reading lots of blogs lately and of course,I've read the comments about different people belonging to different religions and most of the non-Muslims were saying very bad things about Islam.They were writing how Islam is a religion of hate,violence...anything,but Peace.They wrote how every day they read the papers,see the News,hear it on the Radio about Muslims killing people,Muslims murdering their own families,Muslims going for suicide-bomb attacks etc etc.
Now my question.They very conveniently wrote about all the bad things happening in the Muslim States,but what do they have to say about their own?Do THEY not have murders killing people?Do THEY not have families where the Father rapes his own kids?
How can they so easily point their finger at us,have they not looked at themselves?
The only difference is that their Media does not really cover such stories,even if they do,they do not invite scholars and other important people to discuss such stories and keep on discussing them till weeks,so that the whole world knows whats going on in your country.I'm not saying that such unfair acts should not be covered by the Media,they should,but instead of wearing tons of make up and sitting infront on the camera and talking about what lead to this act,a solution should be discovered.
The same thing happened recently with the whole Facebook being banned thing,they had this competition of drawing caricatures of our Holy Propeht (P.B.U.H),we did't like it,we boy-cotted facebook because Fb wasn't deleting that page,even though it very clearly states in its policies that any profile/group/page/whatever is offensive to anyone's religion,will be deleted,but somehow Facebook begged to differ with this weird competition,instead it talked about how these 'drawings' are a form of expression and we allow Freedom of Expression.Oh.My.God.I seriously cannot imagine what excuse facebook will come up with,next time because I'm pretty sure that there are people out there who like ridiculing religions.Fine,we boy-cotted facebook proved our point,even though Pakistan was the only country who created such a media-hype with this whole boy-cotting facebook issue.I like Facebook.I use it a lot and I would like to see it again in Pakistan,but that does not mean that I am not a good Muslim and I don't give a damn to what anyone says about my religion.I do.I did not like it.But there are ways to handle such situations,instead of 'blocking/banning' facebook for all times to come,we should get united and should prove it to them that we are together and no matter how many such non-sensical competitions they come up with,no matter how many anti-Islamic groups on facebook or any other social site they make(which the social-site policy so conveniently ignores)no matter whatever they do which is injurious to our religious interest,they could do all they want,our God will see to it,that they get punished in the right way.End of discussion.On the other side,we (Im talking about us Paki's) should try to be better Muslims and voice our opinions in the right manner,not by making silly groups like that.Just Pathetic.
I feel bad for those who say such awful,awful things like that,but like I said,it's okay,it doesn't make any differene,just because you think that God is nothing but a myth or I read somewhere that 'God is a product of our over-active imaginations' I say,those who do not believe cannot claim to be smarter than those who do.
We know that there will always be people who will point their fingers at Islam,there will always be people who will question our Faith,there will always be people who will raise their eye brows at our religious beliefs--Such people are more than welcome to come study our religion,so that they could see for themselves what we and our religion is all about.Please do not just pick up any Muslim and project them as a whole Islamic world,do not form your opinions about us by seeing the Islam you watch on your television! Muslims have a duty to pass the messages of Almighty God to all humankind.And if they reject it,no problem at all.There will be a day that everyone will die and meet their Lord.That is when they will know if it is heaven or hell that awaits them.Truth can never be proven. Because there is an infinite number of possibilities that can be assocciated with it. But it can be recognized.
Quran (Chapter:Maide/Verse:83)
And when they listen to the revelation received by the Messenger, thou wilt see their eyes overflowing with tears, for they recognize the truth: they pray: "Our Lord! we believe; write us down among the witnesses.

Friday, May 28, 2010

-Take Eighteen-Double Standards.

Im super scared of snakes.When I was about 9 years old,I heard about the snake which has double heads.I was freaked out.
When I grew up,I heard about people having two faces.
And Guess what?
They are even MORE freaky than the 2 headed snakes.Much,much worse,infact.At least the snake with two faces does not make false promises,does not pretend.They just slither around,hissing and scaring the living day lights out of people like me.
I don't really get it why it is so hard for people to just be themselves.I mean,you are already what you are,you don't even have to work hard at it.It comes naturally (Yeah,Salena Gomez!). Why put so much effort in being someone you are not?Dont they get it? The people who are going to like you for this 'fake self' might,infact,WILL like you even better if you be honest and be true to yourself and them too.
Ive met a lot of shitty people in my life.
I used to have anger issues,but now,meeting people like them,has somehow increased my bull-shit tolerance level.I'm more patient now. Thankyou so much,shitty,double faced people.
I've learned from my mistakes.
I will not repeat them.Had my share.Not going to go through all that again.
Meeting people with double standards has somehow made it hard for me to trust people now,since I can't decide who is true to me and who is not?
Anyway,Im glad that people can't be like squares.Imagine having to deal with people with four sides!Two is enough.One is better.Actually,it's the best.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

-Take Seventeen-Lady Gaga and her sometimes weird costumes.And wigs.

Listening to 'Alejandro' by Lady Gaga,cool track.I haven't seen the video,since youtube has been blocked here,yeah.But I can only imagine what the video would be like.
Based on what kind of videos she usually makes,Im thinking this video might be something like in which she wears this see through,tiny,glittery,colorful costume with black lipstick and her hair,all messy WAY MESSY,back combed and hair sprayed stiff.Probably combed to the left side.And yeah!her shoes!!Her shoes would be something like a 9 inch heel with a big yellow bow on it.And!Her glasses!!Those big,bug eyed glasses with pink glittery stripes and can't forget her fake eye lashes!she wears such ultra big,feathery eye lashes that she puts Maybelline and Loreal to shame.
Okay,Im not anti-Gaga,I do like her songs and I admit,she can sing,but I wonder whats up with her sense of style.I mean,she's really pretty,why does she have to always go over board with her wigs and these weird costumes?Probably,that just another strategy of hers to get people notice her and OMG does it work?Absolutely!See,im talking about her!lol.
I read somewhere that she's thinking of getting not her nose,not her ears,not her lips but her ENTIRE BODY re-shapped.Is she for real?What does she intend to do with herself?Is she on her way to become the next Michael Jackson?Sheesh.
Its such a materialistic world out there!
Miss Gaga,heres some free advice for u,Don't go for the surgery!You already are pretty.Plus your'e rich too now.hahah.No,seriously,you really do look just fine and dandy the way you are.Why go through all that pain?And what if you don't like the way your plastic surgerified body turns out to be?What then?would you get it re-plastic surgerified?
Actually,I guess she would.Hmph.

Take sixteen-Mohatta Palace

This entry is long over-due!this even happened like weeks ago.So much so that I don't even remember the date we went there!But I DO REMEMBER THE DAY!It was a Wednesday.
So,our college admin. had this sort of a 'quiz',they wanted to know how much the students know about Pakistan.So,they asked all these questions,made us write our National Anthem too,made us draw Pakistan ka Map too.Kheir,based on all that 10-15 students were selected from each grade.The Degree Classes,that is.SO,yayy my name was there.And a few of my other friends too got selected,but I have this REALLY BIG circle of friends,all of them couldn't get through which was a bummer.Anyway,Mohatta Palace is this really old museum which was originally,Fatimah Jinnah's,sister of Mohammad Ali Jinnah,house.Most of my friends had already been there and done that so they werent really bothered if they got selected or not,but I was THRILLED cuz I hadn't been there ever.
hahaah Actually,I think my friends were just trying to soothe themselves,if their names had been there in the list,they would've been the MOST excited cuz I dont think anybody would like to miss out a trip with college--Such sneaky little friends!
SO im going to skip the part about what happened in the Bus,what was our seating arrangements,what time we left,what time we got there,I mean that is so...elementary?Yeah.
Finally,we reached there and behold!There stood the magnificent building with all its glory in the burning (literally,it was so hot that day) sun!The Citizens Archive-which is a foundation in karachi-had arranged a special event called 'The Birth of Pakistan' which was super.They covered ALL the things and events and everything else which Pakistan has to offer!They even had this very-cool message board where if you paid some ammount of money you could write a message for Pakistan and soooo many people had already done that!It was really nice.And there were speakers all over the place where all these speeches made by our brilliant leaders were being played.They even had these really awesome soveniers (did I spell this right?Im too lazy to check its spelling,moving on!) and I HAD very little money.I was just carrying 100 bucks.I bought two post cards.And I really wanted to buy this Beatles Mug but I didnt have enough money :/ booo.
But my Neice went the other week and she got it for me!Thanks Candy! :D
SO it was a good event,I liked it,but I woudlv'e had more fun if my ENTIRE group of friends had gone WITH ME.If I had to rate this event out of 10 I would give it an 8.
Such events should be organized more so that we could feel more proud of our country,more often.
Good Job,Citizens Archive!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Take Fifteen-LTNW

LTNW--for those of you who are in the dark here,LTNW stands for LONG TIME NO WRITE!lol
I know,I know,I haven't written here in ages!!not like lots of people read this blog,but lol I should've written here since a lot has been happening in my life in the past few weeks.I'll try to cover up whatever has been going on in different posts.Okay,so first I should tell why I havent been writing here much lately.It was like everytime I opened this blog,I had all these great ideas about what I'll be writing here,but then I just didn't.I dont really know why,but I didn't!
Kabi kabhar naye b dil kerta banday ka likhnay ga bhai.Don't have a cow.
SO then,I had plenty of free time to write here,but I didn't,I spent almost all of it on fb and downloading songs and then out of nowhere,I was loaded with work from college!assignments,tests,practicals,more tests,more assignments!It was a gruesome week!
Im such a faker!I know im getting all excited about these 2 months,but I know just after a week or two I'll be bored out of my mind and missing my friends!!
Part of the reason why im actually,super excited about June/july is that I'll be going to Abottabad and I'll be seeing all my cousins after 2 years and thats a long time.The last time I went there was with my family,Adil ki shadi pey.
Kheir,I hope I have fun over there,I hope my bubble of excitement doesn't burst before it even had a chance LOL hahah
Okay,moving over to the other posts now.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Take Fourteen-Card/Board Games.

Today,I had an amazing time (MashAllah) Miss T had us all over at her place for lunch and it was the best.
we talked,laughed,made fun of each other and the best part was the food LOL
No,the best part was the company :) Almost all my friends were there and it was a much needed hang out.We all skipped college today (lol,yeah we've been doing that a lot lately lol) and went over to my friends place.
SO later,we played a game called 'The Big Taboo' and OMG it was the best game ever.And Ive played lots of games ,so I have to totally ask Miss T to tell me where she bought them from.Heres what u do in the big Taboo,there are 3 deck of cards and they have got certain words written in Bold Letters,and under those letters there are 5 more words written which describe the Bold Letter Word.Now what you have to do is that one person has to act out that word (so that the others can guess them,but he has to do that without using those 5 mentioned words.Like If my big word is Rabbit and the other 5 words describing it are something like white,furry,carrots,hops,hare toh I have to describe this words to the others WITHOUT using these words.And I get only 2 minutes for explaining as much as words I possibly can and then its the others persons turn.
It was crazy fun.There were words like 'website' potatoes' bus lanes'legend' etc etc.
Back in the day,when I was about 5-6 years old we had Ludo,Tambola and ONO.How can I forget ONO?I loved that game like crazy.I used to literally BEG my siblings to play with me cuz they would rather do much better things than playing ONO with an annoying,obnoxious 6 year old who wants to win EVERY game.Then there was Tambola.We go to my sisters club to play it still.Its soo much fun.I dont know why I cant get enough of games like these.
Even though we have play stations and xbox’s and gameboy's and God Knows what,but the charm and excitement of playing a board game,rolling the dice and getting a six was the biggest honor then,getting bitten by a 'snake' and going 5-4 numbers back was the biggest humilation EVER.
I miss those days.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Take Thirteen-Expectations.

'Doing so much for someone yet they never appreciate it'
'Hating when whatever you do for someone,goes un noticed'
'I will never be there for u agaain because you're never there for me'

I dont know,if I fit in the above mentioned categories.But much thanks to my 'this is me-take it or leave it type A atttitude' I think I can be put up there somewhere.
Ive got many friends,(Im blessed :) ) and yes,I have one particular friend,who does a lot for me and she wishes I did the same for her.If not doing it then at least I could act a little more considerate for her.She says and I quote 'you're just not bothered'.
And then I thought about it and I realized that she is right.I mean,it hurts when you do so much for someone and you reply to them with a definite lack of enthusiasim.
Im not a very self-less type,love for all hate for none person,but I guess someone who IS there for you and who DOES go the extra mile for you,should be worth of the same attitude.Its only fair.
So,I've changed a little,I try to be nicer more caring now because I know she'd be there for me when I need her anytime.Its not just friendships and relationships,but ANYTHING which has some value in your life,does require a certain amount of commitment from your side too,you have to give it your attention and time,even if,we would much rather do stuff for our ownselves.
My Patience and tolerance gets often misinterpreted for stubborness and arrogance.I try not to talk back when in a fight,not that I dont have anything to say.Believe me,i can say A LOT and A LOT,but u see,if i did the same as him/her,there won't be any difference between me and that person,right?
If someone barks and you bark back too,that would make you a dog as well.Think about it.
But I guess,im lucky in this aspect that people who are important to me know this in their hearts that im not as selfish or as stubborn as im thought up to be.They recognize my intention in a positive light.I'd feel only too bad and pathetic if at any given time Ive hurt someone by what Ive said or done.When I look back,I cant think of anything THAT bad which I should be truly ashamed of.Of course,there were mistakes and the thing is not to repeat them.That I wont.Lession well learnt,the first time,thankyou very much.
We should all be happy with whatever and whoever we are.We shouldnt give in to what other people want us to be like.Trust me,its so much easier being yourself rather than being someone who's clearly not you.Even though this friend of mine had been complaining about my attitude since long ago,but it was an opinion wich came from somone who cares for me,so i took it as a comment which is intended to be benefit me.
To change or not is entirely ones own decision,thats what I think.What circumstances should bring this change or bring this change is a topic which should be discussed over a hot cup of tea.