Monday, May 31, 2010

-Take Eighteen-Mindless Hatred.

Okay,so,I've been reading lots of blogs lately and of course,I've read the comments about different people belonging to different religions and most of the non-Muslims were saying very bad things about Islam.They were writing how Islam is a religion of hate,violence...anything,but Peace.They wrote how every day they read the papers,see the News,hear it on the Radio about Muslims killing people,Muslims murdering their own families,Muslims going for suicide-bomb attacks etc etc.
Now my question.They very conveniently wrote about all the bad things happening in the Muslim States,but what do they have to say about their own?Do THEY not have murders killing people?Do THEY not have families where the Father rapes his own kids?
How can they so easily point their finger at us,have they not looked at themselves?
The only difference is that their Media does not really cover such stories,even if they do,they do not invite scholars and other important people to discuss such stories and keep on discussing them till weeks,so that the whole world knows whats going on in your country.I'm not saying that such unfair acts should not be covered by the Media,they should,but instead of wearing tons of make up and sitting infront on the camera and talking about what lead to this act,a solution should be discovered.
The same thing happened recently with the whole Facebook being banned thing,they had this competition of drawing caricatures of our Holy Propeht (P.B.U.H),we did't like it,we boy-cotted facebook because Fb wasn't deleting that page,even though it very clearly states in its policies that any profile/group/page/whatever is offensive to anyone's religion,will be deleted,but somehow Facebook begged to differ with this weird competition,instead it talked about how these 'drawings' are a form of expression and we allow Freedom of Expression.Oh.My.God.I seriously cannot imagine what excuse facebook will come up with,next time because I'm pretty sure that there are people out there who like ridiculing religions.Fine,we boy-cotted facebook proved our point,even though Pakistan was the only country who created such a media-hype with this whole boy-cotting facebook issue.I like Facebook.I use it a lot and I would like to see it again in Pakistan,but that does not mean that I am not a good Muslim and I don't give a damn to what anyone says about my religion.I do.I did not like it.But there are ways to handle such situations,instead of 'blocking/banning' facebook for all times to come,we should get united and should prove it to them that we are together and no matter how many such non-sensical competitions they come up with,no matter how many anti-Islamic groups on facebook or any other social site they make(which the social-site policy so conveniently ignores)no matter whatever they do which is injurious to our religious interest,they could do all they want,our God will see to it,that they get punished in the right way.End of discussion.On the other side,we (Im talking about us Paki's) should try to be better Muslims and voice our opinions in the right manner,not by making silly groups like that.Just Pathetic.
I feel bad for those who say such awful,awful things like that,but like I said,it's okay,it doesn't make any differene,just because you think that God is nothing but a myth or I read somewhere that 'God is a product of our over-active imaginations' I say,those who do not believe cannot claim to be smarter than those who do.
We know that there will always be people who will point their fingers at Islam,there will always be people who will question our Faith,there will always be people who will raise their eye brows at our religious beliefs--Such people are more than welcome to come study our religion,so that they could see for themselves what we and our religion is all about.Please do not just pick up any Muslim and project them as a whole Islamic world,do not form your opinions about us by seeing the Islam you watch on your television! Muslims have a duty to pass the messages of Almighty God to all humankind.And if they reject it,no problem at all.There will be a day that everyone will die and meet their Lord.That is when they will know if it is heaven or hell that awaits them.Truth can never be proven. Because there is an infinite number of possibilities that can be assocciated with it. But it can be recognized.
Quran (Chapter:Maide/Verse:83)
And when they listen to the revelation received by the Messenger, thou wilt see their eyes overflowing with tears, for they recognize the truth: they pray: "Our Lord! we believe; write us down among the witnesses.


Anonymous said...

like the up...xD

whenever i talk wid a foreigner , i tell him/her to not believe what the media says and what the people are saying...

there are many misunderstandings and no major actions have been taken to clear them...

many non muslims still think islam is a hostile religion...they think by making a muslim library/mosque in the place of the world trade centers wud mean promoting the ideology that led to 9/11...

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Exactly!They believe what they see on tv and form their opinions based on that...and usually the opinions aren't very nice.