Thursday, April 29, 2010

Take Twelve-Yes.Yes.No.

I was wondering,how once I used to say Yes,to everything and anything.
Yeah,lol,seriously,it was like everytime somebody came up to me and asked me to like for instance,lets just say,they came up to me and asked me if I could help them with their work or something,and I didn't want to for whatever reason,(han bhai kabi kabhar naye b dil kerta banday ka,kiya matlub) but I didn't say no.I just couldn't.Right away,I used to start thinking how if I say no to that person,he or she will hate me for the rest of their life,they'll think bad about me till their last breath and they will hold this against me for ever and ever.
I just dont know,how such obscure thoughts come into my mind.But they do.
SO,even though,I really didn't want to.I always did.
But then something changed.I dont know what exactly it was,but it did change and I realized that saying Yes,all the time,does not mean you are very humble and all that.Sometimes,u gotta stand up for yourself.You don't automatically have to agree with everybody.
The 'help with work' was a very random example,but just recently,I'd been called ' stuck up' by someone (of course,im not gonna name that person!) but somebody did,and it got me wondering if I say no to the things you want me to do,the things you want me to say,the way u want me to act,if I dont agree with whatever you have to say about whatever it might be,does that make me stuck up or annoying or bitchy or mean or self conceited or arrogant?Oh My God!People whats up with that?
Look,all what im trying to say is that,everybody's entitled to living their life their own way,its one thing to be helpful and giving advice or 'constructive criticism' but its another thing to be on somebody's case 24/7 and drive them up the wall till they act all loony toons.
How can people be so judgemental?Its your life,you make the decisions,don't let others decide for you,ask God for help,as theres no help greater than His.And ur all set.Whats all the fuss about then?
I will stand up for myself,if my opinions differ from yours.Naturally,I dont expect EVERYONE to agree with mine.But im not going to say yes ,just to please you.Im not gonna just sit there and smile because my values,my ideals mean a lot to me,I believe in them.Someone who doesn't believe in anything,will fall for anything.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Take eleven-Sense of Humor.

Welcome back to me.
I havent been able to write as much here since considering the fact,Ive been spending way too much time doing
a:Taking pictures.
B: Putting them up on Fb.
C: Facebooking.
D: And My Mom fell sick so I had to go to the hospital and plus i was very depressed cuz I was missing her and bla bla bla.
Anyway,so,the other day,I was just randomly thinking (yeah,Ive been doing that A LOT lately) that how important it is to have a good sense of humor.I mean come to think of it,if you weren't able to laugh and appreciate jokes,you'd be bored shitless.Personally,I cannot imagine myself not laughing,I laugh all the time.Its a good thing.ALSO a good sense of humor is always appreciated and gets you noticed too (Bo-yea!)
Its a little immature laughing on every little thing,but me and SOME of my friends tend to do that a lot,maybe its the company ...or maybe its just our crazy retarded
I do know a few people who dont laugh at all.Imagine that.They can just sit there,scowling...or frowning...or just...sitting?B-O-R-I-N-G! And the bad part with being acquainted with such people is that when u crack a joke with them,they look at you as if you have 3 heads and not even pass a single smile...or if you are unluckier than this,you might even get an hour long lecture on why it is not sensible to make a joke out of everything.
One should also be able to laugh at himself.Or herself.Or whatever.See,the good thing about that it,somebody insults you,and u dont know what to say/act/do so u should just laugh it off.That would make the oppponent feel as if u have nerves of steel and whatever he says does not matter to u at all.But haha we know better,it does matter,it does hurt our feelings( why else would it be called an insult?DUH!),but even though it hurts,why let the opponent get the satisfaction of knowing it?ha!NEVER!As always,the enemy or in this case-the victim of the insult,gets the last laugh :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

-Take ten- On Being Polite (LOl)

Okay.Wow.I haven't written in like ages!!.Seriously.
So,today, in our Literature class we read this essay 'On saying Please' by Alpha of the Plough.It's about how,when you be courteous and polite to others,it could get your work done faster,people listen to you and all that,they respect you etc etc.
SO,it got me thinking about this episode,which happened when me and my family were travelling from Islamabad to back home (Karachi). And the flight had landed,we got into this bus which was supposed to carry us to the Arrival Lounge.Okay,so me and my sister,were standing (there were no seats left to sit,the bus was pretty much crowded)and there was this woman,um..about 48?Yeah,she was standing next to us.Next to that woman another lady was standing,a much younger lady,somewhere in her late 30's,she was standing next to her.Okay,so the ride was about 5 minutes long and during those 5 minutes the young woman decided to strike up a conversation with the other woman.The lady went like,'Kesi hein ap?how was ur flight?'.She was very polite.But the WOMAN, to our( me and my sister's) astonishment replied in the rudest way possible!!She said,' Ap koun hoti hein pochnay wali k how was my flight?DO u always talk to strangers like that?Don't you have anything better to do?Why are you so nosy?Can't you just stand quietly and mind your own business?!?!' she was almost yelling.But that Lady did not lose her temper,she apologized and stood facing the other way,while me and my sister just stood there with out mouths wide open.
We couldn't really figure it out,what the woman's problem was,but she sure was in a bad mood.But she shouldn't have been THIS rude to someone she doesnt even know!OR TO ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER!!
Even though this incident,isnt something DIRECTLY related to us,but I still remember it...probably because of the rude reply of that woman.People do strike up conversations with other people,its called being courteous.Its better to ask how one is doing rather than just stand there and bore yourself to sleep.