Wednesday, April 7, 2010

-Take ten- On Being Polite (LOl)

Okay.Wow.I haven't written in like ages!!.Seriously.
So,today, in our Literature class we read this essay 'On saying Please' by Alpha of the Plough.It's about how,when you be courteous and polite to others,it could get your work done faster,people listen to you and all that,they respect you etc etc.
SO,it got me thinking about this episode,which happened when me and my family were travelling from Islamabad to back home (Karachi). And the flight had landed,we got into this bus which was supposed to carry us to the Arrival Lounge.Okay,so me and my sister,were standing (there were no seats left to sit,the bus was pretty much crowded)and there was this woman,um..about 48?Yeah,she was standing next to us.Next to that woman another lady was standing,a much younger lady,somewhere in her late 30's,she was standing next to her.Okay,so the ride was about 5 minutes long and during those 5 minutes the young woman decided to strike up a conversation with the other woman.The lady went like,'Kesi hein ap?how was ur flight?'.She was very polite.But the WOMAN, to our( me and my sister's) astonishment replied in the rudest way possible!!She said,' Ap koun hoti hein pochnay wali k how was my flight?DO u always talk to strangers like that?Don't you have anything better to do?Why are you so nosy?Can't you just stand quietly and mind your own business?!?!' she was almost yelling.But that Lady did not lose her temper,she apologized and stood facing the other way,while me and my sister just stood there with out mouths wide open.
We couldn't really figure it out,what the woman's problem was,but she sure was in a bad mood.But she shouldn't have been THIS rude to someone she doesnt even know!OR TO ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER!!
Even though this incident,isnt something DIRECTLY related to us,but I still remember it...probably because of the rude reply of that woman.People do strike up conversations with other people,its called being courteous.Its better to ask how one is doing rather than just stand there and bore yourself to sleep.

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