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Take nine-Early Autmn-ReDefined.

Early Autmn- REDEFINED.
Major Characters: (Protagonists)
Bill Jr-The son of Mary.(Mary,named her son after her first love,Bill)
Jane- The Daughter of Bill (The ex love of Mary)
Charles- Bill Jr.’s and Janes’s son.
The Villains-(Antagonists)
Elizabeth Bennet.
Supporting Characters:
Mary and Bill.
The Probot.

PIECE OF ADVICE: If you have read the short story,’Early Autmn’ by Langston Hughes,you’ll know how funny this is.Also you need to know about the short story ‘Charles’ written by Shirley Jackson and another short story ‘The Gift of the Magi’ written by O.Henry.And you also should be knowing about Pride and Prejudice written by Miss Jane Austen and also a little about Shakespeares play Cymbeline..There are other references in this story as well,but they are not AS important as the others.This story is dedicated to the English Literature Class of ’10 (dcw)

They met in their school and instantly fell in love with each other.When Bill Jr. told about Jane to his mother,her mother was delighted!She immediately wanted to meet her.Janes parents felt the same way when she had told them about Bill Jr.
When both set of Parents got to know who they REALLY were,they instantly rejected the idea of their kids getting married to each other because Jane was Marys, first loves, Bills daughter and when Bill got to know who Bill jr. was he wasn’t too encouraging either.He told his daughter how Bill Jr’s Mother had once broken her heart, Jane felt sympathy for her father,but she was in love. And all’s fair in love and war.
Despite,of their parents not agreeing to their marriage, they decided to elope to Las Vegas.
When the Parents got to know, what their kids had done to them, they were broken.
Since Jane and Bill Jr,both were still young,they couldn’t get a good job,so they were very poor.Bill Jr.somehow managed to get a job at a local Casino while Jane stayed at home and did the household work. They both loved each other despite the poverty.Soon,it was Christmas time and the young couple did not have money to buy each other a present.But the love they had for each other was so grand and pure that it conquered everything.Jane sold off her shoes for 8 $’s and Bill Jr. cut of his moustache and sold it off for 10 $’s.The shoes and the mousctache were the BIGGEST treasures of this poor little couple.
Anyhooo,Jane bought her beloved a golden wristband and Bill Jr. bought her darling little sequined hair clips.They loved each others gifts.And Christmas passed like that.After 2 years,Jane conceived their first kid,a baby boy,named Charles Bill Jr. Charles,was a handful!He was AWFULLY FRESH. The new parents loved their kid,and wanted to give him everything.How time flies soo fast..little Charles was almost 5 years old and was even more fresh than ever.He used to drive his parents crazy and used to call them ‘dumb’. Charles saw a Probot,which he REALLY wanted to,but the Probot was expensive.But Bill Jr. wanted to give his son everything,so they started saving money for it and when they were finally able to save enough money,they bought the Probot,but by that time,Charles was over the Probot mania.SO the Probot ended up being a huge waste. But Jane,became best friends with the Probot and it did a lot of house hold chores for Jane.Jane was ever so-relieved.
It was the 7th year of their marriage.They enjoyed a happy married life.But who knew,this happiness would be soon ruined? All good things must come to an end.Sigh.
Meanwhile on the other side of the globe,another love story was going through a rough patch.Miss Elizabeth Bennet was not at all satisfied with her boy friend Mr.Darcy. Mr .Darcy turned out to be a PROUD FLIRT which made Eliza even more PREJUDICED than ever.She ran away from Pemberly all the way to Las Vegas.There she met Bill Jr.And Bill was smitten by this beautiful ladys intelligence.They started spending a lot of time together,and before they knew it,they were in love.
Jane got a little suspicious about her husbands behavior.He seemed a little distant and she asked him the reason,but he didn’t give her any.Mr. Darcy somehow got to know about Eliza’s affair with Bill Jr and he decided to write a letter to Jane telling her what was going on.Mr.Darcy also wrote that he would be delighted if Jane would visit him at Pemberly.When Jane found out about her husbands secret affair,she didn’t even bother confronting him.She took Charles with her,and disguised herself as a boy and got herself smuggled into a ship making its voyage to England.
She was heart broken.Once again,the advice given to her by her father,about how Bills mother had broken HIS heart,rang true in her ears.She was soo immersed in the thoughts that she didn’t notice that Charles,her son( the one who was awfully fresh,yeah) was missing!!She looked here and there,but it
seemed as if somebody had kidnapped her dear child and had abandoned the ship.
Heres what happened, Charles was very naughty,when he noticed how lost his mother was he got bored to tears so he wandered on to the deck of the ship,where he was kidnapped by a strong man,who later was joined by a beautiful woman.And they put little Charles in a sack,and threw him on to a little boat and they themselves got on to the boat.They introduced themselves as Posthumus and Imogen.They were husband and wife,but they did not have any child.SO they decided to kidnap Charles and adopt him as their son.Charles was super excited about this new adventure.
On the other hand,Jane was soo shocked by the rapid events happening in her life that she lost all sense of time.Soon enough,she reached Pemberly.Mr.Darcy was waiting for her at the station,when he found her so bewildered he asked her what had happened to her.Jane explained everything to Mr.Darcy. Mr.Darcy was very kind with her and he took her to her house and offered her temporary residence.Jane was very glad.
As time passed,Darcy found Jane to be really interesting.He even declared her as ‘handsome enough to tempt me’.Jane was thrilled,Darcy was such a charming man,that she couldn’t resist falling in love with him.They spent hours playing chess,taking long walks along River Thames,drinking tea and eating crumpets,discussing political affairs etc.Darcy found Jane VERY intelligent.
On the other side,when Eliza got to know that Bill was already married and had a kid,she was disgusted with herself.Her good morals settled in and she started blaming herself for all the pain she had caused Jane,for destroying her home.She thought of Bill as a liar and a cheater,so she left him.Bill was in deep trouble,he tried to convince her that her wife and child are not even with her anymore,but Eliza did not listen and she did not see him ever again.
Bill did not know what to do. Jane was now very happy with her life,Darcy married her and they started a new life.Jane often wondered about her ex husband but she used to dismiss this thought as soon as it came into her mind.From now on,Darcy was the centre of her attention.
During all this,Charles had grown up into a young man of 19 years old.He was working for the military.Posthumus and Imogen took great care of him,but they did not like Charles’s love interest,Lydia,who had quite a reputation for being a flirtatious woman.But Charles wanted to marry her,as soon as the parents found out about their childs decision,they sent for Lydia and got her be headed.Charles couldn’t bear this pain,so he became insane and during one of his fits of insanity,he ended up killing both his parents.
He left his job as an Army officer and begin to write weird,neurotic stories which became very famous.One of his stories called ‘The Dreamy Child’ became as instant hit across the globe.And somehow Jane read the story,her motherly instinct told her that this was her Charles.She went out to see him in person,with Darcy’s permission.Once she was given the green signal,she set out.When she finally reached Charles’s house,Charles threatened to kill her,he was having one of his isanity fits.Jane got so scared.She ran away.
Somehow,she had the impulse to go visit her old home at Beach Road.She was half afraid that she would run into Bill ,but she decided to go anyway.When she reached Beach Road,she saw there was some kind of protest going on. She also saw a poor,old man at one end of the corner,who kept on repeating ‘Look up,look down,look at my thumb,Gee,you’re dumb!’.Somehow he seemed very familiar to Jane.It took her only a moment to realize who it was.It was Bill Jr!!
She walked upto him so that she could have a closer look to see if her guess were right.It was.
Bill looked up at Jane,all dressed up in fine clothes and jewels.Bill Jr. looked like an entirely different person,he had grown a beard and because of his excessive drinking problem,he looked twice his age.Jane’s heart went out to him.But she was very angry at him as well.She gave the poor man some money, they talked for a while,Jane told him about Darcy and Pemberly,she told him how Charles had been kidnapped and how now he was a complete maniac.Bill told her about how he was abandoned by Eliza he was about to ask for Janes number but at THE EXACT SAME TIME (YES INCLUDING THE MINUTES AND THE SECONDS AS WELL!)Janes’s driver came up to her and told her that it was time for her to go.Jane,stood up,threw her Gucci bag on her shoulder,and strolled away.Bill just stared,he shouted GOOD BYE very loudly,but Jane had her i-pod switched on so she couldn’t really hear him.She sat in her Ferrari and drove away.The roar of the engine blew away the leaves of the orange maple trees, which had fallen on the ground because of the Autmn Season.
The End.


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