Sunday, March 14, 2010

-Take seven-Poor People.

I've been going out for shopping for the last 2 days,with my sisters.I had been very busy thats why I havent written here in a while.
But Fear no more the heat of the Sun (lol),I am back. :)
It was a weird experience.I feel really sad when these poor people come begging to you to give them money because they badly need it.I met this lady the other day,she was with her 2 kids and she was selling Markers,each for 20 rs,she needed the money badly as her daughter had got burnt severly.And she needed to buy the medicines.I felt soooo bad.Soo bad that no words could ever describe what amount of pity and smypathy and God knows what I felt for her.
Instantly,it made me think,if God forbid,I were in her shoes,what would I do?Seeing her selling markers,with her 2 kids tagged along,desperately calling out for help,it just made me loathe myself.I mean,just look at her spirit.I guess thats what a mothers love is supposed to be like.I hated myself for spending so much time worrying and detesting and thnking about such minute things,when there are bigger and greater things to get worried about.I have everything which a person could ask for and more.But still there is no end to my complaining.Althought,I don't complain much,but still whenever I do,I hate myself for it.I am thankful to God for whatever he has given me.After all,he knows best.He knows everything.But at times,when I crib about things,afterwards I feel like such a loser.
Poor people,like the lady I saw yesterday,is and SHOULD be an inspiration to all of us people out there who cannot worry about anything else except what clothes to wear,what shoes to buy,whom to meet,where to go.Seriously,we ALL need a reality check.We should,by now,know the value of things and should be greatful to Allah for whatever he has given us,for all the prayers he has answered and for the inumerous blessings he has bestowed upon us.
May God,show us all the right way to tread upon and save us from the evils of the society,may He continue to look after us and help us as there is no greater help than His.Ameen.


Tehniat Aftab said...

Ameen. And all that is unfortunately so true :(

summer said...

yes u have a heart of gold