Tuesday, March 9, 2010

-Take five-Weird Campaign songs.

Lets get right to it,if i were to stand in an election and I had to come up with a song,i wonder what tune and words would I be using?Hmm...lets see the options.
Option number A : Tune of dana pey dana and the wordings could be like 'Oh Yumna pey thappa ,oh baba,thappay pey thappa,oh baba Yumna pey thappa,kisi aur ko vote mat deyna,oh baba,vote mat deyna,deyna toh deyna,siruf Yumna ko deyna' hahahahah

Option number B : Tune of Sajjad Ali's Cinderella.The wordings would be like 'Aey vote deyna,vote deyna,siruf Yumna ko vote deynaaaa,vote deyna,oh vote deyna,siruf Yumna ko vote deyna,siruf usi ko he deyna,kisi aur ko mat deyna,bus woh he eik hey,jisko tum he vote deyna'.

Option C : Tune of Billo dey Ghar by Abrar-ul-haq and the wordings would be like 'Asan tey deyna Yumna nu vote,Asan tey deyna Yumna nu vote,kinaay kinaay deyna Yumna nu vote?Tik tik taooo laaine (line) banaoo,tik tik tao lane banao!!Asan tey deyna Yumna nu Vote'

Option D : Tune of Panna ki tamna hey from the old old movie Heera Panna and the wordings would be like ' Panna ki tamna hey k Yumna ko vote milll jayeeee,chahay meri naukri jaye,chahay meri gari jaye,lekin Yumna ko vote mil jaye'

OhMyGod.Im so totally able to run for the elections :p


summer said...

i would go for option number one a makrani /balochi ehem ehem dance wud do and can do wonders for an election campaign ...lols

-Yumna S Hayat said...

hahahaahah Yes,for the PPP :p