Thursday, March 11, 2010

Take six-Getting late

I don't know why,whenever I get even 5 minutes late in the morning,I end up freaking out.I think that i'll be the one,the college people won't let in,they'll say nasty things to me like 'Jaldi utha karay,jaldi yey kia karein,jaldi woh kia karein'They'll lock the gates on my face and leave me out there.Well,'leaving me out there' is not really a problem since my driver would STILL be standing there and I COULD come back home.But still,it would be pretty embarrassing.Speaking of my driver,he gets soooo anooying.Today,he showed up 15 minutes late and I thought he wasnt going to come,I was standing near the car and he could see me but he still was walking so slowly,I mean if he can see me,and he knows that we're late couldnt he just,um,I dont know ,WALK FASTER??!! :@ :@ I WAS SO PISSE OFF.But of course I didn't say anything to him.Stuff and bother.
College was such a drag today,except for our regular acts of lameness.We even came up with a stupid,yet,hillarious act of the 'jadu walay baba jee' hahhahah.Loved it.Such creative minds,i tell you.Our Mass C teacher decided not to come again.And we sat for five periods in one spot and when we stood up we couldn't even walk properly!! :@
Okay,so im sitting in my brothers room and his computer is near the window and apparently some driver is listening to songs in his car.And my Mother dearest is sitting behind me sipping tea.How hahaha.

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