Saturday, March 6, 2010

-Take two-Action.

Okay,so now that I have FINALLY ( I should seriously stop saying 'finally') put up my own blog,the next mission is,what to WRITE in it.I can't decide what it should be about,so because of that I decided I should write whatever comes in my mind and the rest is,as we say,history :p
Okay,so whatever it is,that Ive to write here,I have to do it quickly cuz the lights about to go in exactly 12-13 minutes. AAAHHHHHHH. The 'bright' (lol) side to this load shadding or shedding (whatever) is,that at least the timings are fixed.
Anyhooooooo,Tehnu has been a huge help today,thankyou Tehnu.You're a pal :p And I know that my sisters are reading this too.SO its day two and I have at least 3 people,good good. ha ha at this rate,I'll end up having at least SOME followers :p Kheir,I will think more about what I should be writing over here.I think i'll write about how cool it is to be me something equally self-loveable like this ha ha J/k

P:S I should stop this whole self love thing going on,it used to be funny once,now the joke is definetly wearing out.Yumna Sadiq,it is not cute anymore,it used to be when you were in grade 6.Now,it just annoys

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