Monday, March 8, 2010

Take four-Bad Habits.

Today,in college,during one of our classes our teacher asked us,to tell one or maybe two of our bad habits.I,on the other hand,provided her a long list of bad (more like,annoying) HABITS of mine.Some of them are :
Bad Habit number 1-Playing with my hair.Searching for split ends,and i've been told NOT to do this,at least not publically,as it comes across totally repulsive to some people.I don't know HOW it's repulsive its not like IM EATING me hair.THAT,would've been disgusting.

Bad Habit Number 2-Clapping a little too much everytime I laugh.Yes,it CAN get annoying.

Bad Habit number 3-Chewing the back of a Pen.Mind you,I DO NOT chew on pencils.The lead tastes really bad,I know what your'e thinking,yes, I HAVE tried it,I didn't like it,so now i just restrict my chewing to Pens.Only.It's particularly more weird when your'e chewing on SOMEONE ELSE'S BORROWED pen.Personally,I can't imagine someone asking for my pen and then I catch that someone CHEWING ON IT.I mean,how many other ways can u say eewww?

Bad Habit Number 4: Saying 'like you know' too much.

Bad Habit Number 5: Saying 'I know' too much lol hahaha

Bad Habit Number 6 :Talking too much and way too loudly.It CAN get on other peoples nerves.

Bad Habit Number 7 :Scribbling in notebooks,books,journals,on every other possible piece of paper and er..sometimes on walls too.

Bad Habit Number 8 :I don't chew nails or nail polish.Thank Goodnes.I tend to tilt my face at a certain angle everytime I get my picture taken.Yes,it's very obvious if your'e on my fb and if you've seen the pictures over there.

Bad Habit Number 9 : I roll my eyes a lot.

Bad Habit Number 10 : No,this is not the winner of this list,don't get excited thinking i'd write something silly (and yucky) like picking my nose in public.EWWWWWWW.Get away from me!The bad habit number 10 is that I check my phone after every 2 minutes.I wish I could just stop doing that!!!

Okay,so those of you who are reading this,please leave a comment telling me about YOUR bad habits.Don't worry,if they are too embarassing,they are absolutely safe on such a public place like blogger :p haha.


madiha said...

nice nice.. :D

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Thankyou :)

Urooj said...

Suna suna lagra hai sab kch :p