Monday, March 15, 2010

Take eight-Bloody Marry Frandshapper.

Yo yoo This is the Queen of The Frandshapness
Yo,everybody with me,come on,
Babyyy ur soo bloody,
soo bloody, soo bloody,
baby ur so bloody but ur frandshapness is worthy,
is worthy,is worthyyy

Queen Bloody Marry Frandshapper,is known all over the world for her mercilessness-ness when it comes to making new frands and then slaying them afterwards.
This particular stanza has been written by the great Poetess of the Bloody Frandhappean Era,Lady Yummypeare.Lady Yummypeare,has written several poems and sonnets and even has a collection of 800 plus short stories which are read by people all over the world.She is a highly remarkable,self assured writer and a poet.She believed in the simplicity of things.The best part about her works is that she doesn't talk about Death or diseases at all.
According to some highly famous anonymous Critic
'Lady Yummypeare is a woman of words.Never have I read such nonsense which touched the heart of anyone who read it.She,undoubtedly,will make a mark in Modern Literature'.

the devices used in this particular stanza will be explained in the next blog. :p

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summer said...

off with the friendshapper's head