Sunday, March 7, 2010

Take Three-The Twa Corbies.

For those of you who are as lost as a cat in a shopping mall,let me tell u what 'Twa Corbies' is.Basically,it's a poem,the poet is anoynmous.It's a rather disgusting poem because it involves two crows who are palnning to feast on this dead knight,who happens to lay dead in the middle of nowhere,abandoned by his beloved (So much for 'staying ng true to your love' :p),the beloved ,im guessing ,was some kind a of a reallly,um,how should I say this...a very 'trampy' person who couldn't just WAIT to move on with her life,she should've at least made some arrangements for the Knight to be burried or something,after all,she DID date him at some point.Huh.
The other two companinons of the Knight were,a hawk and a Dog.They too leave the knight to rott to death.Sheesh.Im guessing,the knight was a complete self-obsessed man thats why the minute he was dead,his companions just couldn't wait to get rid of him.He must've been really mean to them at some point.Or maybe not.Well,theres always the benefit of doubt.
I have done poetry (like serious poetry,yeah) in my second year and the funny thing about doing poetry (again) in my 3rd year is the fact that ALL OF THE POEMS SEEM TO BE EITHER TALKING ABOUT THE FOLLOWING THINGS:
A: Death.Death.And,you guessed it,DEATH.It's like the poets didn't have anything else to talk about.Why couldn't they have written about life instead?Nooo sireee,they just go on bragging about how death is a leveller,about how death can't be defeated or about how I can't wait for death.God.

B : Diseasses.Okay,this isn't helping.Seriously.

C: Arrogance,pride.Hmm.Nope.

D: The Beloved ,who in ShakesP's case was a MAN!!(GOOD LORD!!) The Earl of South Hampton.What is this?

I guess,way back in their time,they didn't have much to write about except diseasses and diseasses leading to death.Overall the poems were very depressing.They should not be taught to teenagers like us.As if,we don't have enough things to get worried about,now we have to worry about this too?That is JUST great.


Tehniat Aftab said...

Bahahahahahaah! :P

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! Lol i wish YUMNA her was one shakesP :P we'd learn alot and EVERYONE would have been a literature student :P

Urooj Athar Raza Khan said...

Hey stalker! I really enjoyed it reading! :D