Thursday, December 30, 2010

-Take sixty- Lyrics?

Have you noticed how some of the catchiest songs have the weirdest lyrics?Either they are too cheap,either they are downright cheesy or either they make no sense at all. Like, you just can’t get them out of your head and when you sing them out loud,you say to yourself ‘Wait.wth did I just say?’


Sajjad Ali’s song : Cinderella

Cinderella,Cinderella,mera inteyzar kerna,
Mey Rastay mey hu,
Bus aa rah u may,
Kisi aur ki dulhan na ban jana.HEY CINDERELLA!’

As far as I remember Cinderella just had one Prince Charming.And that WAS NOT SAJJAD ALI.So what is he going on about? Who is the other guy here? ‘Bus aa raha hu may’ seems a pretty casual way to stop your Cinderella from running off with someone else. With or without the glass slippers on.

This song was a huge hit when it came out.If you haven’t heard it, youtube Cinderella-Sajjad Ali.


White white face dheke dil woh beating fast sasura
Jaan se maare re
Oh very… oh very…
Oh very happy in my heart
Dil dance maare re
Very happy in my heart, dil dance maare re
Dil dance maare Dance maare..

                    Yes. I am just as confused as you are. Dil kaisay dance kerta hay? Maybe it dances like this ‘ heart beat step123 123, heart beat step 345 345’ And what is this about dancing ONLY when Dil see’s a WHITE FACE? WHAT A RACIST HEART!!


Another one of the EXTREMELY POPULAR songs of all time –Bolo Bolo tumnay kia daikha?Again by Sajjad Ali.

Meri Gari daikhi,Ya mera Bangla Daikha, Ya mere Sara Bank Balance Daikha,
Tumay apna kaha,tumay pyar diyaaa,lekin tum koi aur hooooo,
Tumay pyar mujhsey naye hey,pyar mujhsey naye hay,pyar mujhsey naye haaaaay,
Mey tumsey dur chala jaou ya pas chala aou, something something mujhsye naye haaaay.

    I’m sure you all remember Madonna’s song MATERIAL GIRL. I think Sajjad Ali was thinking of Madonna while writing this song since the girl is downright materialistic. Why else would she eye his gari or bangla or bank balance? Why was she not able to see Sajjad Ali’s true love?WHY?Sad. But if she were able to see his true love for her then prolly we wouldn’t be having such a great song.


Ek garam chai ki pyaali ho
Koi usko pilaane waali ho
Chaahe gori ho ya kaali ho
Seene se lagaane waali ho
Mil jaaye to mit jaaye arre hum
Tararum pum....

                                Word:Cheap  - Synonym: Anu Malik.
                               I like the fact that he says ‘chahy gori ho ya kali ho’ putting an end to the above ‘white white face daikhay’ racist comment (lol).


Personally,I think the following song,should be played at every Kindergarten,it’s a great ‘learn-how-to-spell-programme’. Even Barney the Purple Dino could and cannot come near to inventing such an extra-ordinary spelling-word-meaning-activity. It’s a really old song called C.A.T from Dilli ka Thug.

C.A.T. Cat, Cat Maane Billi, R.A.T. Rat, Rat Maane Choohaa

Arrey Dil Hai Tere Panje Mein To Kyaa Huaa

M.A.D. Mad, Mad Maane Paagal, B.O.Y. Boy, Boy Maane Ladkaa

(Arrey Matlab Iskaa Tum Kaho To Kyaa Huaa)

(Ari Baanvri Tu Ban Jaa Meri, Zaraa Sun Main Kyaa Kahtaa Hoon

Zaraa Dekh Idhar Tujhe Hai Khabar, Tu Hai Kaun Aur Main Kyaa Hoon) - 2

G.O.A.T. Goat, Goat Maane Bakri, L.I.O.N. Lion, Lion Maane Sher

Etc etc.



Ay Kya Bolti Tu
Ay Kya Main Boloon
Aati Kya Khandala
Kya Karoon Aake Main Khandala
Ghoomenge Phirenge Naachenge Gaayenge
Aish Karenge Aur Kya

                                 A girl doesn’t know what to say?’ay kia may bolu?’ What kind of a girl is she?


Kisi Disco mey jaye jaye,
Kisi hotel maye khaye khaye,
Koi daikh ley na humay yaha kaie ghoom k aye hum,
Chalo Ishq laraye Chalo Ishq Laraye Chalo Ishq Laraye Sanam.
                                           OHMYGOD.I don’t even want to comment on this.


You all have heard Ganpat,right?From Shoot out? When the chorus goes like ‘ IN THE MUMBAI ALL OVER INDIAAA WE ARE THE BHAAAIII WE ARE THE BHAIII’ for some odd reason I cannot control my laughter.It cracks me up everytime.


Who remember this song?

Oonchi Hai Building Lift Teri Band Hai
Kaise Main Aanu Dil Rajamand Hai
Aaja Aaja Aaja Bandbaaja Leke Aaja Teri Yaad Sataaye Dulheraaja Ab To Aaja

                                         What?Already the dude is saying k lift bandh hay aur Madam bol ri hain Bandbaja ley k aja?Woh khud akailay naye aa paa raha toh BandBaja kahan sey lay k aye ga apnay sath?Crazy people.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

-Take fifty nine- THE PRINCESS

Okay,so really, I should be studying for my finals, which are starting from next Tuesday, but I’m sort of prepared for them ( I guess) so, I think I can blog for a while. Plus, I’m really bored. So, as requested, today, this take is dedicated to all the fairy-tales out there, which made all the girls suffer from inferiority complexes and turn green with jealousy or envy (depends on how you look at it )because the ‘Babe’ of any fairy-tale has:

A : The pefect hair,teeth,nails,eyes etc.

B : Greatest friends. Including Mice,horses,birds and dwarfs.

C : Has connections with fairies who grant every wish, like glass slippers. ( Gee,I would really want a pair of that)

D: She is very talented. Can sing songs, talk with birds and other friends of the animal kind.And has hair so strong that a young man can climb up a tall tower with it. I’m not sure how THIS is a talent, but it’s true!

E: Of course, Prince Charming. Who can EVER forget HIM? The handsome lad.

But if you think the ‘Fairy Tale Princesses’ had it easy…you are wrong.The flip side of being a Babe of any fairy-tale is :

A:She has to deal with Ugly Step Sisters. And a Step Mother.

B : She has to deal with witches, who put weird curses on her, out of jealousy, cut off her long hair, make her eat poisonous apples,make her prick stuff and faint. Or sleep.

C : She has to do lots of chores.

D : She has to obey strange curfew timings (like being home before midnight)

E : She is stalked by weird men, who have been bribed by the Step Mother, to take her into the forest and…kill her. OHTHEHORROR!

But in the end, we all know that it’s going to be a happy ending, and she gets up having everything HER WAY,so we really don’t feel that bad for her. Anyway, following is a brief take on some of my favourite fairy-tales, which I know by heart.


My FAVOURITE. So, I’m not going to tell what happens in this story, I assume you should be knowing this already cuz who doesn’t know about CINDERELLA? Yeah,the famous ,pretty girl, with really nice feet, which fit perfectly in those glass slippers. The Step Mother was really unfair with her and I think,it served her right, that she couldn’t get any of HER OWN daughters married to the Prince. She made Cindy (lol) do all this extra hard work while her own daughters just sat there and tried to look pretty…but in vain. I’m sure, the word MEAN in the dictionary, has a picture of Cinderella’s Step Mom next to it.


Lets face it. Snow-white had an extremellllyyyyy narcissistic evil step mother,who couldn’t get enough of herself and had this weird talking mirror and all day long she used to just stare at herself in it and ask the same question over and over again ‘Mirror,Mirror on the wall,who is the fairest of them all?’( boy,she’s really dumb) She knew,it’s not her, but still she was hopeful that one day,maybe the Mirror would say her name. NOT. Haha. And I like how the Dwarfs were so supportive of snow-white.


The Evil-Witch, who wasn’t invited to Princess Aurora’s party was a tailor. Why else would she spend her life with a Spindle and grow old with it? The old lady, whom Aurora meets in the tower, was the Witch herself.COME ON,WE KNOW THAAAT.And the part about Aurora sleeping for years…was it really the curse?Or maybe Aurora took some pills? Maybe she was not normal. Maybe,I’m just trying to hard to be funny. Okay,moving on!


Ah, the girl with realllllyyy long hair! What did she put on her hair that made them grow so long,anyway? Maybe, she drank a magic portion for that as well. And why wasn’t the Prince carrying his own rope or ladder to climb the tower? Imagine, putting your head out of a window and letting down your hair, just so someone can climb with its help? OUCH.That must be painful. But since, the Prince was cute, so it’s okay then.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

-Take fifty eight-Sooperb Superstitions

Do you lose your mind everytime a black cat crosses your path? Do you hyper ventilate when someone opens an umbrella INSIDE the house?Did your groom,right before the engagement ceremony drop the ring and you gave up everything,imagining the worst? Do you freak when a mirror breaks?Or do you dream that you are running real fast and when you wake up you think that there will be a big change in your life?

Admit it. You are superstitious. Am I? Not really. Except for this one thing : Everytime,I tell anyone that I plan on going somewhere, I end up NOT going. Strangeee. I don’t know how that happens, but it does and now I just don’t tell anyone if Im going somewhere. Another strange thing which happens at our place , is this that we can’t really ORDER FAST FOOD without having to face some trouble. Like for eg, everytime we order pizza, the electricity goes off and that to for hours, everytime we order KFC some guests show up RIGHT before we even start eating, or someone falls sick,or the delivery guy doesn’t show up AT ALL- something has to go wrong. Exasperated by this, my Brother dearest decided that this time he’ll GO TO MC DONALDS and BRING THE FOOD by himself, so he goes, orders, brings it back to home and now?

One burger is missing. And no one wants to share. Oh Goody.

              About Cats I’m not really superstitious, I don’t mind black cats either. Some people consider them as a really bad omen. I never really noticed if, after seeing a black cat, I fall or bruise my hand or break something,or spill something (just noticed that all these things are superstitious themselves like breaking a mirror,spilling salt etc etc.Weird) Okay,so now it’s your turn to tell what you are superstitious about and any weird superstitions that you've heard.