Tuesday, December 14, 2010

-Take fifty nine- THE PRINCESS

Okay,so really, I should be studying for my finals, which are starting from next Tuesday, but I’m sort of prepared for them ( I guess) so, I think I can blog for a while. Plus, I’m really bored. So, as requested, today, this take is dedicated to all the fairy-tales out there, which made all the girls suffer from inferiority complexes and turn green with jealousy or envy (depends on how you look at it )because the ‘Babe’ of any fairy-tale has:

A : The pefect hair,teeth,nails,eyes etc.

B : Greatest friends. Including Mice,horses,birds and dwarfs.

C : Has connections with fairies who grant every wish, like glass slippers. ( Gee,I would really want a pair of that)

D: She is very talented. Can sing songs, talk with birds and other friends of the animal kind.And has hair so strong that a young man can climb up a tall tower with it. I’m not sure how THIS is a talent, but it’s true!

E: Of course, Prince Charming. Who can EVER forget HIM? The handsome lad.

But if you think the ‘Fairy Tale Princesses’ had it easy…you are wrong.The flip side of being a Babe of any fairy-tale is :

A:She has to deal with Ugly Step Sisters. And a Step Mother.

B : She has to deal with witches, who put weird curses on her, out of jealousy, cut off her long hair, make her eat poisonous apples,make her prick stuff and faint. Or sleep.

C : She has to do lots of chores.

D : She has to obey strange curfew timings (like being home before midnight)

E : She is stalked by weird men, who have been bribed by the Step Mother, to take her into the forest and…kill her. OHTHEHORROR!

But in the end, we all know that it’s going to be a happy ending, and she gets up having everything HER WAY,so we really don’t feel that bad for her. Anyway, following is a brief take on some of my favourite fairy-tales, which I know by heart.


My FAVOURITE. So, I’m not going to tell what happens in this story, I assume you should be knowing this already cuz who doesn’t know about CINDERELLA? Yeah,the famous ,pretty girl, with really nice feet, which fit perfectly in those glass slippers. The Step Mother was really unfair with her and I think,it served her right, that she couldn’t get any of HER OWN daughters married to the Prince. She made Cindy (lol) do all this extra hard work while her own daughters just sat there and tried to look pretty…but in vain. I’m sure, the word MEAN in the dictionary, has a picture of Cinderella’s Step Mom next to it.


Lets face it. Snow-white had an extremellllyyyyy narcissistic evil step mother,who couldn’t get enough of herself and had this weird talking mirror and all day long she used to just stare at herself in it and ask the same question over and over again ‘Mirror,Mirror on the wall,who is the fairest of them all?’( boy,she’s really dumb) She knew,it’s not her, but still she was hopeful that one day,maybe the Mirror would say her name. NOT. Haha. And I like how the Dwarfs were so supportive of snow-white.


The Evil-Witch, who wasn’t invited to Princess Aurora’s party was a tailor. Why else would she spend her life with a Spindle and grow old with it? The old lady, whom Aurora meets in the tower, was the Witch herself.COME ON,WE KNOW THAAAT.And the part about Aurora sleeping for years…was it really the curse?Or maybe Aurora took some pills? Maybe she was not normal. Maybe,I’m just trying to hard to be funny. Okay,moving on!


Ah, the girl with realllllyyy long hair! What did she put on her hair that made them grow so long,anyway? Maybe, she drank a magic portion for that as well. And why wasn’t the Prince carrying his own rope or ladder to climb the tower? Imagine, putting your head out of a window and letting down your hair, just so someone can climb with its help? OUCH.That must be painful. But since, the Prince was cute, so it’s okay then.


Jay said...

U actually did a post on fairytales...and u had the time to write comically spinned off summaries of your fav ones...u must be too bored...=P

P.S wat does every prince charming have in common?

Anonymous said...

bravo my young sister .....u magically out done every writer its a gud long time coming blog i asked for it n seriously enjoyed it ur my pride dear one n im not faking like ugly (pretty,young,smartest of em all )sister ..........ur real sister Aisha

-Yumna S Hayat said...

haahhaha 'not faking' love youuuu <3