Friday, February 11, 2011

-Take Sixty Two- My Miyaa Needs a Chammat..

I was reading an advice column today, and I came across this letter from a woman who had a problem much similar to most of the women out there today. She’d written about how her husband had a new job and now was ‘eyeing’ the ‘other pretty woman’ at work. While the Wife of that man is a devoted Mother of two, but being so involved in the house hold work, with chores and all and making sure her family is being taken care of and spending all her nights and days looking after them, she’s busy with all that therefore she, herself is neglected.

              The advice for this woman was that she should look after herself to ensure that her Husband doesn’t go out, hunting other women. I wanted to slap whoever gave such crappy advice. I’ve seen a lot of REALLY PRETTY WOMEN WITH the same problem.If this were the problem, then Brad Pitt and Jenifer Aniston would NOT have broken up.What kind of advice is this? Okay, agreed that one should take out some ‘me time’ but how come nobody tells the Husband to be more thoughtful and sincere to his own wife? I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen or read a letter from a MAN complaining that since working at the office all day, he now has a beer belly and a receding hair line and his Wife is no longer interested in him. Now how to win her heart again?

                      If men can get away with this, I think women should be able to as well. It only makes sense, since considering lately how everyone has been going on and on about how Men and Women are equals or are not equals. Or somewhere in the middle. If Men think, that their only sole purpose in life is to earn money ,then they should think again. Likewise, I think Women too are not only meant to spend their entire life working their butt off. There should be a balance between the two extremes. It makes absolutely no sense that a Husband can slack off from household responsibilities just because he is a ‘man’ of course, we all know that Women are wayyyyyy more responsible than Men can ever be. Being a man is no excuse for looking at other women, while YOUR woman, is taking care of YOUR house, looking after YOUR children. Beychari.

                 If Women learn how to get their act together and if Men can learn to be more responsible, I think, we might just see a significant decrease in the ‘please help me my miya is cheating on me’ letters in advice columns.