Thursday, April 29, 2010

Take Twelve-Yes.Yes.No.

I was wondering,how once I used to say Yes,to everything and anything.
Yeah,lol,seriously,it was like everytime somebody came up to me and asked me to like for instance,lets just say,they came up to me and asked me if I could help them with their work or something,and I didn't want to for whatever reason,(han bhai kabi kabhar naye b dil kerta banday ka,kiya matlub) but I didn't say no.I just couldn't.Right away,I used to start thinking how if I say no to that person,he or she will hate me for the rest of their life,they'll think bad about me till their last breath and they will hold this against me for ever and ever.
I just dont know,how such obscure thoughts come into my mind.But they do.
SO,even though,I really didn't want to.I always did.
But then something changed.I dont know what exactly it was,but it did change and I realized that saying Yes,all the time,does not mean you are very humble and all that.Sometimes,u gotta stand up for yourself.You don't automatically have to agree with everybody.
The 'help with work' was a very random example,but just recently,I'd been called ' stuck up' by someone (of course,im not gonna name that person!) but somebody did,and it got me wondering if I say no to the things you want me to do,the things you want me to say,the way u want me to act,if I dont agree with whatever you have to say about whatever it might be,does that make me stuck up or annoying or bitchy or mean or self conceited or arrogant?Oh My God!People whats up with that?
Look,all what im trying to say is that,everybody's entitled to living their life their own way,its one thing to be helpful and giving advice or 'constructive criticism' but its another thing to be on somebody's case 24/7 and drive them up the wall till they act all loony toons.
How can people be so judgemental?Its your life,you make the decisions,don't let others decide for you,ask God for help,as theres no help greater than His.And ur all set.Whats all the fuss about then?
I will stand up for myself,if my opinions differ from yours.Naturally,I dont expect EVERYONE to agree with mine.But im not going to say yes ,just to please you.Im not gonna just sit there and smile because my values,my ideals mean a lot to me,I believe in them.Someone who doesn't believe in anything,will fall for anything.

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