Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Take eleven-Sense of Humor.

Welcome back to me.
I havent been able to write as much here since considering the fact,Ive been spending way too much time doing
a:Taking pictures.
B: Putting them up on Fb.
C: Facebooking.
D: And My Mom fell sick so I had to go to the hospital and plus i was very depressed cuz I was missing her and bla bla bla.
Anyway,so,the other day,I was just randomly thinking (yeah,Ive been doing that A LOT lately) that how important it is to have a good sense of humor.I mean come to think of it,if you weren't able to laugh and appreciate jokes,you'd be bored shitless.Personally,I cannot imagine myself not laughing,I laugh all the time.Its a good thing.ALSO a good sense of humor is always appreciated and gets you noticed too (Bo-yea!)
Its a little immature laughing on every little thing,but me and SOME of my friends tend to do that a lot,maybe its the company ...or maybe its just our crazy retarded selves.lol
I do know a few people who dont laugh at all.Imagine that.They can just sit there,scowling...or frowning...or just...sitting?B-O-R-I-N-G! And the bad part with being acquainted with such people is that when u crack a joke with them,they look at you as if you have 3 heads and not even pass a single smile...or if you are unluckier than this,you might even get an hour long lecture on why it is not sensible to make a joke out of everything.
One should also be able to laugh at himself.Or herself.Or whatever.See,the good thing about that it,somebody insults you,and u dont know what to say/act/do so u should just laugh it off.That would make the oppponent feel as if u have nerves of steel and whatever he says does not matter to u at all.But haha we know better,it does matter,it does hurt our feelings( why else would it be called an insult?DUH!),but even though it hurts,why let the opponent get the satisfaction of knowing it?ha!NEVER!As always,the enemy or in this case-the victim of the insult,gets the last laugh :)

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summer said...

i remember yumna reading jokes aloud out of akhbar-e-jehan just to make everybody laugh at the breakfast table ..this was a usual practice for this 13 year old on saturday mornings..u made us smile and proud a number of times ..stay smiling beautiful