Thursday, June 3, 2010

-Take Nineteen-If I...

I was wondering that how these days,everybody seems to be coming out with a book,or launching a band,or directing a movie or a perfume and God knows what.So,it got me thinking that IF I had to do something like this for exapmple,if I had to write a book,what would it be about?what would be its title?
Hmmm.I would ,perhaps,write a book about a Cat.Who is a super hero.If Scooby Doo can solve mysteries then I can have a Super-Cat.The book would be called Meow...If You Need Me.
If I were to direct a movie,it would be about how everyone says that they tolerate everybody's nonsense.Like,u know if they have a fight with someone,they tend to say," Am I here to put up with all this" and the other person also thinks along the same lines like "Im not here to put up with all this". The movie would be called " YES,YOU ARE TO PUT UP WITH ALL THIS".
If I were to launch a perfume,it'd be called Scent Y. If i had my own clothing line it would be called YSH (duh,what else!).
If I had a morning show I would call it The YSH Subha Bakhair Show,the evening show would be called The YSH Evening Show.I would probably be needing my very own TV Channel to then.Something like YEO or YAJ or YAAG or YUNIA hahahahahaha.


Anonymous said...

LOL ... you're crazy...Xp

-Yumna S Hayat said...

hahaha.Compliment,I believe? :p

-Yumna S Hayat said...
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