Saturday, June 26, 2010

-Take Twenty Four-Online Games.

So,we've all heard about Farmville and how addictive it is!!I myself used to play that game like crazy!!but USED to!And then one day,I just woke up and didn't feel like playing it anymore,didn't feel like ploughing the fields,didn't feel like sowing seeds,didn't feel like planting trees,didn't feel like harvesting my crops!
And then I just stopped playing it.But the rest of my family!Oh God!they STILL play it!they had even made 'fake facebook accounts' just so they could have more neighbours and be able to access more things there.
I never played Poker,or Mafia Wars so I don't really know if they are any good or not.
Some of my fondest memories of childhood is playing Barbie-SuperModel,and oh my GOD!it was sooooooooo awesome!I used to play it all day long!and then my brother did something with the Cd,it stopped working.Pfft.
Right now,as I,my brother is playing this Cricket game on miniclips.I was never good at playing sports games or racing games.Everytime,I tried my hand at playing it,after just 3 minutes on it I used to get a neon-blinking-sign saying ' TIME OUT' OR 'TRY AGAIN' or 'QUIT'. lol
Random thought,which is totally unrelated to this post is,that,today after like succchh a long time I heard Janet Jackson's song 'All for You' and I saw its video too,which used to be the coolest vid in the 90's and Janet Jackson has SUCH a nice smile!!OMG!
I really like nice smiles,I mean who doesn't?The bright smiles,with the teeth levelled and shiny as diamonds.Who would find Big chessy smiles,with yellow crooked teeth (with,maybe,even one teeth with a black hole in it!thankyou cavities!)attractive??Maybe the Pirates would!Arrrr!Matey's! :)

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