Sunday, June 13, 2010

-Take Twenty One-Costa.

Have you ever wondered,how lame it is,when you don’t know what a certain word means and you give it your own personal interpretations?And those personal interpretations are out of this world,downright outrageous.For example,I remember this time,when I was in 10th grade,and I was text messaging a friend,who really used to go abroad and all,but at that time she was in Pakistan,and it so happened that I asked her,what’s up?And contrary to the famous reply ‘nothing much,whats up with you?’ she said,Im at Costa with my cousins.
Okay,so at that time,I didn’t know that ‘Costa’ is a Coffee House.Costa was also the name of this really evil,but exceedingly rich and handsome man in one of Sidney Sheldon’s Novels ‘The Other Side of Midnight’ and ‘Memories of Midnight’.Of course, I could’ve asked her what is ‘Costa’?but for some apparent reason,I just didn’t.And then I thought that maybe Costa is some place in America or Uk or somewhere out of Pakistan, and that maybe,she’s out abroad,with her cousins having a ball of a time,where as she was right here, in Karachi,sipping coffee.
Oh Wow.It was only later,after a few months,that we were going somewhere and I came across this hoarding which read ‘COSTA COFFEE NOW OFFERING SOMETHING SOMETHING ETC ETC’ and I was like, WHAT??costa COFFEE?
Needless to say,I felt very stupid.I don’t know that,why, at times, we don’t ask,when we don’t understand something.I mean,you can only get help, when you ask for it. Now,I do that.I don’t think it’s embarrassing, if you ask if you don’t understand anything. It will only save you from further embarrassing situations. Imagine, me telling a friend ‘Hey have you ever been to Costa? I so want to go abroad!I really want to go to places with interesting names like Costa!’


raza humayyun said...

good going yumanyyy... :)
u hav a good talent

-Yumna S Hayat said...

thanks shmankss!