Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Take Twenty Five-Prince Charming.

Last night,I couldn't sleep at all,I had a fever and my stomach was kind of upset too,and I wanted to throw up,but Im scared of throwing up (Okay,eew),and then I started shivering and the temperature was like around 38 D Centigrade,my teeth were chattering too,and it made me think of Scooby Doo and Shaggy and how THEIR teeth used to quack like crazy whenever they say a Ghost or a man wearing a Vampire/Angry Fireman/Dracula/Mummy/Zombie/Clown/Pirate etc Mask.Booo.
Anyhow,I switched on the radio and there was a song playing called 'I hate love stories',it's from the new film staring Sonam kapoor and Imran Khan.I love the song,and I recorded it and kept on listening till I learnt the lyrics to that song.
So,anywayyy,I was thinking how all of us (um,I'm speaking for the ladies,here ) keep on dreaming/wishing/hoping/thinking that SOMEDAY OUR PRINCE WILL COME.And I have all the Fairy Tales to blame,esp Snow White,cuz I remember her singing SOMEDAY MY PRINCE WILL COME,in a jungle.
Maybe,if I sing that song too,very loudly,my Prince Charming will show up,too?
Highly Unlikely.LOL
But,it's not like Im waiting desperately for Charming to come.I know,he too,wil hurt me sometime...sooner or later.
Just cuz he's good looking,and rides a horse,and wears lots of badges,and combs his hair back,doesn't mean that he won't stab me in the back.
There is no thing such as 'Prince Charming' just cuz Cinderella and Aurora(sleeping beauty) and Snow White (I don't remember her real name,or maybe snow white,itself,was her real name,anywayyy),got lucky,doesn't mean we'll end up with Mr.Perfect too.
And what about Belle from Beauty and the Beast.Okay,so she has a soft corner in her heart,for a BEAST,who is not ACTUALLY a beast,but a PROUD PRINCE WHO REFUSED TO HELP AN OLD LADY (disguised as a fairy) so she turned him into a BEAST and then in the end the curse breaks cuz of BELLE'S LOVE and so the BEAST turns into A PRINCE.And a very good looking one at that.
Shrek...hmm Princess Fiona,turns into an Ogre too...what if she were'nt cursed?What if she had not turned into an Ogre,would she have married Shrek?Only she can answer that.
Who knew Vampries were so Handsome?Now it has all the girls wishing for a VAMPIRE rather than a PRINCE CHARMING.My question : Would a Vampire stab u in the back too,or would he rather sink his teeh in your neck?Hmmm.

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