Sunday, July 4, 2010

-Take twenty six-Warning!

It just occured to me,how much easier life would've been if people,came with a warning attached to the sides of the sleeves of their shirts,or pasted at their backs, or on their foreheads...warning signs like'Hi!I look totally like a nice person,but stick with me for a couple of months,and you'll regret meeting me'. or...something like 'Hi!I say nice things about you,when I'm with you,but behind your back...girl!you don't know what your'e missing!' or something like 'I may act as if I like you,but if you only knew the rate with which my blood pressure increases,everytime I see your face'.
Seriously.Life would be so much easier.It would save us all the trouble of meeting/mingling with the wrong type of people.Just by reading the signs they are wearing,we'd be able to tell which person is what type.Juding people would be a piece of cake.
But that is not how life's supposed to be,you can't tell how one is simply by looking at their faces,thus leading to the ever so famous phrase ' DO NOT JUDGE BOOKS BY THEIR COVERS'.
My own personal expereince has been such where I've had the honour of coming across the most innocent looking people (read: angelic) who did not act or talk or behave in the least way which we could term as 'innocence or angelic-ness'.
So,what do we learn from all this?
We learn that,before you jump to a conclusion or you want to know how a person is like,try to get to know the person first.Don't just form your opinions about someone solely on the basis of wether he/she is jumping from the pages of Cosmo or Vogue.If personal appearnces do matter,so it should be kept in mind that it should not be the ONLY reason for you liking that person.

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