Thursday, July 22, 2010

-Take Thirty Three-I canna' see!!

Take Thirty Three-I canna' see!!
2 and a half nights ago,I was about to go to bed,and before going to bed I ALWAYS make sure that I've switched on the alarm on my cell phone AND the alarm-alarm clock for tomorrow morning,so after checking both the things,I kept them on the side table,next to my bed,then I went and switched off the lights.
I can't/won't/don't sleep until or unless there's complete darkness in the room.Anyway,after switching off the lights,I retreated to my bed and just as I was about to lie down,I wanted to check AGAIN wether I had set the alarm on my cell phone or not.Okay,since I couldn't really SEE cuz of the darkness,I was groping for the cell phone on the side table like a Mole.Well,not really a Mole,but the situation was much alike,since Moles are blind too and they grope for things,er,insects,so here I was,in the darkness,trying to locate my cell phone after 4-5 minutes of continuous groping in thin air,I couldn't find my cell phone.
Exasperated,I stood up and switched on the lights,just to see the cell phone lying on the floor.
Good Grief.
While,I was tryna find my cell phone in the darkness,and after being unsuccessful at it,I imagined how hard life would be for a Blind person.I had an easy way out,can't find the phone,okay,lets switch on the lights,but a Blind person,wether light or no light,cannot see.How tough it must be for him.
Not that it's any easier for the deaf or dumb.
But still.
I'm glad,I can see.
I'm glad,I can see the sun,and the moon,the stars the sky,the faces,the shapes,the colors,the rainbows,the everything.


summer said...

yes eyes r the passage*way to ones soul blessed with sight and a pair of much beautiful eyes just like u thankyou lord for everything

-Yumna S Hayat said...

My dear,dear,sister,you have very pretty eyes toooooo!

Anonymous said...


-Yumna S Hayat said...

Yeah,totally.I guess,I should write more about Moles.hahaha.I didn't know so many of us could relate to it :p

Anonymous said...

xP...moles...yeah u shud write more...xP