Saturday, July 17, 2010

-Take Thirty one-Friendships.

They say,man is a social animal,it cannot live in isolation,it needs people to communicate its ideas,thoughts,opinions bla bla bla.
To think of,how this world would be,if we actually DID live in isloation?I mean,how would it be to not have any friends at all?How would it be to just sit in a room all by yourself,all the time?
Sure,alone time,can be a good thing,but what if you are alone ALL THE TIME?Would that be a good thing?Friends are important.As I mentioned earlier in one of my blogs that people do not come with warning signs,so you'll come across good friends and bad,people.I have had both.I've had good friends,which,for some reason,are not with me now,but since the time I've spent with them,was good,so I call them good friends.And of course,I've had the pleasure of coming across total goofs too(If I had known earlier,what kind of monster they'd turn out to be later on,I would've run like a cat on fire)and I'm blessed to have really,really good friends too,some of which I've known only for a little while,but they turned out to be really great (Read:Raza Humayou! :) ) It isn't about how long you've known a person,its about who came and never left ( Okay.Fine.I got that from a page on facebook)Little Raza is one of my very talented friends,and we worked together in a play,for our Annual Function of our High School.And those were probably the best days of my life.I did'nt know,i'd make a friend,who would be such a total sweatheart ( This is actually starting to sound as if Raza paid me for writing this about him lol ) But,just as bad people don't come with warnings,the good people also don't come up with Neon Blinking signs reading 'I'm very nice,be friends with me or suffer'.And I have many other countless good friends too!Good Lord!I'm blessed!!
I've noticed how many people don't get along well with their siblings either!I love my sisters and my brother!And even my sister-is-law!OMG!I can't imagine what it'd be like to not to talk to your sisters and fight with them over some 'property issue'.
I think,blood relations,are and should go deeper than such petty things like not to talking to you sister/brother because they built a house on this piece of land,which was actually supposed to be yours and you take the matters to court and so many other people get involved too!You brother/sister if they are considerate,should've never built that house over your entitled property without your consent (without buying that land) and even if they did...wait,what if my sisters or my brother decide to build something on my property?
ha!I don't HAVE any property!!lalalala!
And,of course,if everything and everybody else fails,there's always God you can count on.That probably the purest friendship you can get here.


-Yumna S Hayat said...

My thousand aplogies to Mr.Raza for mispelling his name!It is Raza Humayyun!

summer said...

i likes it very much