Sunday, July 18, 2010

-Take thirty Two-Say What?

Okay,now since when did people become so immature and insecure and so donwright superficial that they won't talk to people themselves unless that person texts them him/herself and if they text you themselves thats a way of letting them know,that they miss you? And if they type 'k' they are actually trying to tell you that either they are pissed off at something,or they are pissed of at you?What if the person is actually busy,and is in the middle of some crisis and he could only manage a single syllable response!But noooooo, a 'k' is a brutal response, all 'k-ers' out there,should be hanged.
I guess,the thing with all of us,is that each and everyone of us,expects a lot from the other person,but expecting something as silly as a text message first from the other person,or else you won't talk to them,EVER-is that a little too much?
These days,facebook,has a page for everything and I mean,EVERYTHING,from how everybody's life is messed up,how everybody has have had those times where nothing seems to be going on well,nobody seems to understand you,how everybody has been hurt by somebody,how everybody thinks that they care too much,and the other person doesn't give a damn about it,how everybody thinks that they are being ignored while they are always there for others,how everybody has had those people in their lives,for whom they keep on doing so much,and yet they never appreciate their efforts. (And our idea of doing 'so much' is to be the first one to text/call)
My question : if EVERYBODY is being HURT.or going UN-NOTICED,or being IGNORED by somebody else (who is also a part of everybody)then who are we going to put the blame on?Who will be that mean person who doesn't understand us,who doesn't care for us,who ignores us,who doesn't miss us?While,we,(we are also part of 'everybody') are the epitome of Niceness?
This world would be such a better place,if EVERYBODY was honest about their work,themselves, made an effort to understand each other,but we don't have time for that,now,do we?But!We DO have time to make pages and groups on social sites with the purpose of gathering all 'k-haters' on one platform.
It is okay to be depressed a little now and then,it is okay to think that this world with its people is out to get you and it is okay to think that your life is one endless episode of Survivor or LOST after another,but it shouldn't be the only sole meaning of your life.Are you that shallow that your mood would totally get ruined and the world would end if you do not get a call from your boyfriend or maybe,even a friend?If you are that oblivious to such things,then,seriously,you are wasting your time.
There are people out there who would give up the world to be in your ugly shoes,so think before you say how unlucky and miserable you are,and concentrate on the good things in your life.Good life,does not mean that you wear a gold ring on every finger ( even your toes!)or you sail to West Indies in a private yacht,while you sit and flip through pages of COSMO and sip lemonade, it is actually the little things which you don't even realize that you have,which other people do not.
Time to reflect a little.
Time to straighten up your priorities.


Anonymous said...

its so hard to keep up to your posts , theyre so long...i dint know that txting "k" wud make such a big childish

" hey man im studying hard for my exam 2morrow so i'll just txt k , so dont mind " " k "

"i hate you man "

i havent been using a cellphone regularly for quite some time ... (i cracked its LCD XP)...someone asked me how it wud be if we didnt have technology and i said "it will be f9" xP

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Yes,it is very childish!!VERY! hahahaha I like how you've added the reason for saying 'k' too.Maybe,if we all started doing that...
You think they are long?!Lol!And here I am thinking to myself,that I don't writ long posts :p
Good thing you told me :p
Life without technology would be hell simpler and lot less complicated,but Duddddddee thank God to the guy who invented the Air Conditioner!Lol

Anonymous said...

if we started givin reasons for everything ppl wud just get irritated by it...xP

i went to play basketball as usual but the weather was hotter than ever...but standing under a shower after that is surreal...=D

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Your'e good at basketball,right?

Anonymous said...

i dont know...i cant say anything for myself...the only way left wud be to have a match-up...=D

im telling you i wont go easy...xP

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Chill,chill!I can't play basketball to save my life,so u were and still are and can remain forever,the undisputed BB Champ.
I'm more of the bicycle type.