Tuesday, July 27, 2010

-Take Thirty Five-Rain :x

I love thunderstorms.
I love the smell of rain.
I love clouds.
I love how the trees look after rain.
I love everything about rain.
But what I DON'T like is how PAKISTANI (esp karachi ki barish)RAIN ruins everything else!The roads!The poles!THE ELECTRICITY!When you sit electricity less for an entire day,trust me,nothing,absolutely NOTHING about the rain amuses you.I mean,what is so amusing about mosquitoes and heat and um,darkness?
It's been raining here since yesterday evening.
And surprisingly the light's still here.SO why am I in a grouchy mood?Well,my sister was to come today at our place,but apparently the roads are flooded with water and their car stopped working so they had to go back to their own home instead of coming over at mine!
Hmph.All my plans are ruined.Thanks,rain.Thanks,so much.
On a more serious note,I wonder what the homeless are doing right now?Or who's homes have been destroyed by the rain?Or the ones who have lost their children because an electricity pole fell in the water and the electric current killed the children who were just out enjoying rain?Doesn't anybody think about THAT?Or are we too busy thinking about how super-lovely the weather is and how we should all eat samosa's and pakora's and drink tea?
Its simple.Since,WE are safe in our homes(even if the homes are electricity less) we don't care about the others out there,who are suffering.Oh!I know!Lets all update our fb status's about how lovely the weather is!Who cares about the people out there who are trying to save of whatever they have left from this barish?
Karachi Rains=Disasters.
I know,this post makes me sound like a person who doesn't love Nature and bla bla bla,but no,that's not it.I love Nature (thats different that I can't come with sonnets and poems about it like Wordsworth) but I thought Barish is considered to be a 'Rehmat', a Blessing.
But since when did Blessings start to lead towards destruction and mess?


summer said...

yes i will be coming in tommorrow INSHALLAH and then we can make ourselves pakoras and have sevenup with it :) love u lots take care honey pumpkin thankyou for everything

Anonymous said...

hypocrite! lol

all the "disasters" you mentioned arent because of rain but because of our negligence.

You say roads are bad...its our fault we didnt and dont want to make them better...the poles and elecricity , we can make better poles and improve our electricity system...but we dont want to...homeless shud work harder to get a roof for themselves , thnk God we are blessed...if we had better and stronger poles then they wudnt fall and kill the children by electrocuting them...if the roads were more even it wud help also...

so dont blame the rain because it is a rehmat...it cools the weather , the hot days...homeless love it because they get a break from daily dose of HOTNESS! unlike us who have ACs and fans...

we are always looking for things to blame upon but we shud be able to take the blame from time to time...

now dont get offended by this comment because that wasnt my intention ..=).. for all i know u might be right because i dont know what goes around in that big forehead of yours! =P

P.S i love Pakoras =D

-Yumna S Hayat said...

I was just in a bad mood and they kept on showing on TV how so many people are suffering cuz of it while all of us couldn't care less!And i know,that complaining about it will not solve the issue,but I just wanted to write about it...So,I guess,I blamed it on the Rain.
You are absolutely right.
Naye,such mey :/

Anonymous said...

well gud to know we're on the same page! =)

from here ure forehead does look very big! =D

All i ever want to do in rain....is drink hot tea and eat garam garam pakoras wid it sitting outside! WAH WAH!

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Did yo hear about the Plane Crash in Islamabad??!

Anonymous said...

yea i did...very sad...May Allah bless their souls and give courage to their families...Ameen!