Friday, July 23, 2010

Take Thirty Four-Childhood-Revisited.

Just earlier today,my sisters were talking about some of the lame things I used to do as a kid.So,I decided to take a trip down the memory lane and re-call all those stupid things which I used to do and say as a kid.I'll be honest about them.And as I recall mentally,I can say that I still do a few of those things.Okay,lets start.

1-I loved drawing on the walls.Not just any drawing,but I liked to draw stars,balloons,houses and Pakistans Flag.And I loved writing BIBI (in urdu) on the wall too,Bibi was what I used to call this woman who used to come to my place in the evening to teach me Quran.I don't know why I used to write her name,but I did.I used to sign my name too.I had REALLY bad hand writing.And after every time I drew something and when I used to get caught,I used to deny it.And then afterwards,it was me,my Mother and her handy-dandy-Imaslapusohard-hands.

2-I love make up.I used to beg my sisters to paint my nails.I remember having this red nail polish,which I not only used to paint my nails but also make tiny dots on my it was a treat when my sisters used to do my make-up.I loved the stroke of the blush-on brush on my cheeks.

3-I loved wearing my mothers or my sisters dupatta's and heels.I used to make 'sari's out of my moms dupatta.

4-I had this weird stuff toy which was Pink in color and I named it Piglet.I never used to let it go,until it lost one of its eye-buttons and then my mother hid it away someplace,never to be found again (read :She gave it to the maid)

5-One of my sisters had a habit of collecting rubbers(erasers) which were THE coolest things ever!She had erasers in the shapes of penguins,watermelons etc etc and she used to keep them in an air-tight jar,which I always had my eyes on.Eventually,I ended up having most of them,some she gave me herself,some I took myself-lol

6-The same sister also had a plastic snake.It was a cobra and it was green and grey in color.AND OHMYGOD I was scared shitless of that thing.She used to keep it in this sort of cupboard thing we had attached to our bed,and everytime she opened that cupboard to take something out,I used to run like mad cuz I thought she's taking that 'diraoni thing' out.

7-My eldest sister got married when I was just 5 years old.And everytime she used to come to karachi,I used to go to the air port to receive her.Going to the airport was and still is a treat (not necessarily cuz of Mc'Donalds').

8-I always wanted to be a bride.I used to ask my sisters to make me a 'bride'.

9-I used to ask everybody to call me by one of the following nicknames( Simba,Bambi,Gifto,Yummy)

10-My first crush was this weird actor who used to come on PTV called Nabeel.I'm not sure it was a crush,but I was fond of him.The later was Aaron Carter (the bhai of Nick Carter from BackStreet Boys)

11-I loved Potato sticks,chocochum(now cocomo) and Frooto Juice.And does anybody remember those bunties that came attached to plastic sunglasses?and bracelets?And scales?OMG I used to love them too.

12-I loved bicycling like crazy.That and hopscotch.Always wanted to learn skating,but never did,even though my brother-in-law bought me these super pair of skates for my 13th birthday but I hardly ever tried them twice.

13-I LOVED LOVED LOVED cutting my hair.I remember once I wanted to cut my hair into a 'fringe' style,I didn't know it was called a fringe,I just knew the style cuz one of my friends had it.And I have curly hair,but still I cut them into a fringe which actually looked more as if somebody had burnt some hair of that particular place on my head cuz the 'fringe' didn't turn out good so I ended up cutting the whole section of my hair which left a little bald spot just above my forehead-Oh Goody.

14-I had a boy cut till 2nd grade.

15-I wore REALLY BRIGHT COLOR CLOTHINGS(read:neon) and I LOVED frilly frocks.
I loved watching scooby-doo,power puff girls,courage the cowardly dog,johny bravo,dexters lab,Johny quest, etc etc and later I used to tell the entire episode of whichever cartoon I watched to my sister.And she being a sweetheart that she is,listened to them patiently.

16-I loved saying 'Jo kehta hey woe hota hey'.

17-I loved singing Ramzan K rozay aye-hum jhoom jhoom jaye
18-I was in the school choir.

19-I always wanted a Doll House,but never got any :(
Math was my enemy.I remember that slap I got from my sister cuz I did one some of 'sets' wrong.And she'd been teaching me 'sets' for weeks so she expected me to do them right by now,but I got it wrong.

20-I loved playing with my friends and I had quite an awful lot of them.I used to fight with them too and for some VERY STRANGE reason,whenever I got into a fight,one or the other person used to throw a stone at my head.LOL still can't figure out WHY they did that,but they did.I've been hitten thrice by a stone thrown at me by my friends.

21-I loved swinging really high and of course,I've fallen many times from that too.
I got many tetanus shots because my un-stoppable injuries.I wasn't clumsy,I was interested in stunts.I used to jump from a swing when it used to go up,I never used the steps to climb up a slide,I always used to run and climb on it from the front.Also tried walking down the slide...that didn't work out too well.I tripped and went flying in the air.Literally.

22-I loved stickers.Esp the WWF (NOW WWE) stickers which used to come with every KIDDIE WAFER PACK.My and my brother had this entire section of the self where we used to stick them.
I loved ChumpaChumps Lollipops.
I loved Sesame street dubbed in Urdu,it used to come on PTV 4:30 PM and I still remember this weird song they had about a yellow duck which went something like 'peeli hey batakh,peeli peeli hey batakh'

23-I LOVEEED playing hide and seek.
I loved signing my Moms signature.I did them once on a Monthly Test reportcard,I was caught (duh) by my Mother or my Sister--I can't remember who it was.

24-At every Parent-Teacher Conference my teachers used to complain about how I was SUCH A TALKATIVE CHILD.

25-I was crazy about this game,BARBIE SUPER MODEL it was in Saga 91 Cd.It was amazing.I used to play it everyday,until my brother killed a mosquito using that cd and afterwards it never worked.

26-I loved making Moustaches and black moles and beards on pretty cover girls.Jealous,maybe?lol

27--I used to save the calculators which didn't work and later used them as phones.OMG.

28-I had an entire class of imaginary students.
29-I loved playing kitchen kitchen.

30-I loved arranging marriages for my Barbie Dolls with Stuffed Bears.I used to invite other household members to attend the wedding-I used to serve water and biscuits to them.I USED TO FORCE my Mother for stitching clothes for my barbie dolls.

31-Then came a time when I started memorizing lyrics to songs.I even learnt Eminem's lose yourself-even though I did not understand a word he was saying and even though it was rated PG but who cares lol

32-Probably the biggest mistake of my life was to watch the movie ANACONDA-I was in fourth grade and I saw that movie at my neighbors-it took my sleep,my happiness and my peace-altogether.I was so scared of that HUGE ENORMOUS UGLY SNAKE that I thought the snake would come out of the drain in the bathroom.I was really paranoid.

That's it for now.I'll keep editing this if I recall something else!


Anonymous said...

"handy-dandy-Imaslapusohard-hands" HAHAHA awesome!

no. 2 , 3 are obvious...=P

no.4 is just simply cute...i can imagine a cute lil girl holding a piglet! (read: my imagination tends to fool me)

i have a rubber in shape of a crab! true true

lol the airport is always a treat ... (yes it is because of fast food)

ROFLMAO @ "make me a 'bride' "

what does gifto mean? (u were pretty weird) xP

every girl liked Aron sister included...

i bet you're a hopper?

i think u still have that ball spot or is your forehead too big? xP

boy cut till 2nd grade??? u must be used to lots of joking!

scooby-doo, courage the cowardly dog ,johny bravo, dexters lab ... simply epic! but i think your sister was more on the side of being very patient!

'Jo kehta hey woe hota hey'

"school coir" atleast u wont have a heard time yelling! xP

I HATE SETS...this year i'll have to study them again...UWAAIINN!

throwing rocks meant woh shaetaan ko kankriyan maar rahay thay...=P

i once swing so high that i went to the other side! xP

WWF stickers WTF?

lol frauding signatures...AWESOME!

teachers always say we are talkative we have blogs to talk at instead of other ppl...=D

lol mosquito killed by your sega CD...too bad...u cudve cleaned it and played it again...xP

lol i guess now u make beards on urself too...xP

lol ure mother was very sweet to stitch clothes for your barbies..

i listened to lose urself all the time...have some in my memory still...

" Yo , his palms are sweaty ... knees weak , arms are sweaty ... vomit on his sweater already , mom's spaghetti "...happy? now u know the lyrics and their meaning...xP

i havent watched anaconda...i'll go look in the mirror...

Anonymous said...

guess the comment was too large...i wanted to go point by point...xD

-Yumna S Hayat said...

And now I'll answer,point by point,so prepare yourself :p

Yes!My Mother is Hitler ki sagi bhen-My Father is a sweetheart.Whenever I used to fall and get hurt and cry and go to my mother she used to greet me with another slap.GOOODDDY.

I wasn't really cute looking.I had a boy cut and used to wear golden hoop earings.I was just very naughty and tried very hard to be adorable.And all my other siblings were jealouf of me (and still are) cuz I'm my parents favourite child :p

-A crab!?!?are u serious?!
-Mcflurrryyyyy <3
-Yes,a bride.Bachpan sey he cheap thi ;p
-I don't know what Gifto means...I just liked the way it sounded :p GIFT-O :p
-See,Aaron carten had a Universal Appeal :p
-I have a very small forehead.And now the ballspot is gone.THANKGOD.
-Yes,my sister was and still is very Patient.I'm Patient too,but I never had to put up with listening to cartoon episodes,soo..
-I don't really yell. (A)
-Joh kehta hey woe hota hey-WORD!RESPECT!
-Sets *_*
-Jee naye,mey koi shaytaan ni thi,(A)
-You flew to the other side?HAHAHAHAHA-Glad to knw I'm not the only swing monkey :p
-WWF signatures,with really ugly looking wrestlers so WTF is true.
-Frauding singatures-Whats next?Fake degrees?:D
-The Cd...The Cd we did try to clean it,but pata ni kia huwa,it never worked again :/
-Vomitting on Mom's spaghetti?!YUCKKKKKKKK
-Ananconda-You like snakes?

-Yumna S Hayat said...
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-Yumna S Hayat said...


Anonymous said...

no i dont like snakes...xP
i was just pointing out that im hideous

yes fake degrees are next...xP

Anonymous said...

golden hoop rings? then you can easily play basketball...xP

-Yumna S Hayat said...

LOL Im trying to post some pictures,childhood pictures of mine,here,lekin ho he naye ri! :@

Anonymous said...

oh well then you're so ugly that the virtual world rejects you....=P

-Yumna S Hayat said...


Anonymous said...