Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Take sixteen-Mohatta Palace

This entry is long over-due!this even happened like weeks ago.So much so that I don't even remember the date we went there!But I DO REMEMBER THE DAY!It was a Wednesday.
So,our college admin. had this sort of a 'quiz',they wanted to know how much the students know about Pakistan.So,they asked all these questions,made us write our National Anthem too,made us draw Pakistan ka Map too.Kheir,based on all that 10-15 students were selected from each grade.The Degree Classes,that is.SO,yayy my name was there.And a few of my other friends too got selected,but I have this REALLY BIG circle of friends,all of them couldn't get through which was a bummer.Anyway,Mohatta Palace is this really old museum which was originally,Fatimah Jinnah's,sister of Mohammad Ali Jinnah,house.Most of my friends had already been there and done that so they werent really bothered if they got selected or not,but I was THRILLED cuz I hadn't been there ever.
hahaah Actually,I think my friends were just trying to soothe themselves,if their names had been there in the list,they would've been the MOST excited cuz I dont think anybody would like to miss out a trip with college--Such sneaky little friends!
SO im going to skip the part about what happened in the Bus,what was our seating arrangements,what time we left,what time we got there,I mean that is so...elementary?Yeah.
Finally,we reached there and behold!There stood the magnificent building with all its glory in the burning (literally,it was so hot that day) sun!The Citizens Archive-which is a foundation in karachi-had arranged a special event called 'The Birth of Pakistan' which was super.They covered ALL the things and events and everything else which Pakistan has to offer!They even had this very-cool message board where if you paid some ammount of money you could write a message for Pakistan and soooo many people had already done that!It was really nice.And there were speakers all over the place where all these speeches made by our brilliant leaders were being played.They even had these really awesome soveniers (did I spell this right?Im too lazy to check its spelling,moving on!) and I HAD very little money.I was just carrying 100 bucks.I bought two post cards.And I really wanted to buy this Beatles Mug but I didnt have enough money :/ booo.
But my Neice went the other week and she got it for me!Thanks Candy! :D
SO it was a good event,I liked it,but I woudlv'e had more fun if my ENTIRE group of friends had gone WITH ME.If I had to rate this event out of 10 I would give it an 8.
Such events should be organized more so that we could feel more proud of our country,more often.
Good Job,Citizens Archive!

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