Friday, August 27, 2010

-Take forty three-Aey Bajii!.

While coming back from college yesterday,I noticed how loud some car horns are.Like,has anybody heard a Bus ka Horn?If you haven't,you should!It's not just an ordinary 'peeep-peep' its like the Godzilla of 'peep-peeps'.More like PPPPPPPPPPPHHHEEEEEPPPP PHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. And some bus's have horns which play proper music!SERIOUSLY!Pura gana chalta hey!Trii eehehug pere trri taaari*

Basically,I wanted to talk about the beggars in this blog.And how constantly they annoy the *&&^ out of you.I mean,I'm no cold,mean,selfish person that I wouldn't give them money,I do.Honestly,I do.But at times,yaar banday k pass paisay ni b hotay,per woh loug samjtay he nae!Esp if the beggars see you in a uniform they go like:

Beggar Bhai : Baji,Allah K naam pey dey do,baji!
Me: *looks the other way*
Beggar Bhai : Baji!Aeyy Bajii *knocks on the window* Bajii
Me : Ughhh *slightly annoyed*
Beggar Bhai : Aey Baji,Allah kerey tu pass hojaye,achay number aye aey baji sun na *knocks on the window again* (A little louder this time!)
Me : Thinking*what's up with the signal?!?!* Kub Green hoga?Ahhh(Cuz I want to move from that spot ASAP cuz I feel guilty of not giving him anything!)
Beggar Bhai: *Still there* Bajii (Knocks on my window at the speed on 30 knocks per second)
Me: *still avoiding eye contact with the Beggar*
-Finally the signal turns green-Freeedom!Sorry.

Not very far,another signal.Oh dear,another red.I see another Beggar approaching.This time its a woman with a baby.
Beggar Bhen: Baji,kuch madad kerdo,Bacha bhooka hey.
Me: Looks at the baby very sadly*
Beggar Bhen: Baji kuch ni khaya subha sey(And as if on cue,the baby starts to cry)
Me : Genuinely feeling very sad and thinking how life is.Lost in the philosophy of life.
Beggar Bhen: Bajiiii
-Signal turns green and off we go- Which shakes me out of my 2 minute philosophies.Whoops.

Okay,we're driving.We get the next signal open.Good!yayy!Next signal.Ohhh!!Red.Hmph.This time,it's also a Beggar Bhen,but apparently she's not carrying a baby.And she approaches my driver,instead of asking me for money.Maybe the previous two beggars texted her saying k yey larki paisay ni deyti.

Single Beggar Baji:* doesnt say anything* just extends her hand (the normal gesture for asking money)
My driver: *hands her a 1 ruppee coin*
Me: sitting at the back and looking at all this *
Single Beggarr Baji: *She looks at the coin and as soon as she realizes that it's a one rupee coin,she gives it back to my driver*
My Driver: *stupefied*
Me: Woaaaaaaah.Attitude.


Anonymous said...

30 knock per second .......another gud effort ......aisha baji

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Thanks :)