Tuesday, August 17, 2010

-Take forty one-72 Hours.

How much would that be? 3 days.Exact.
My eldest niece got an essay topic in her school and she had to write an essay about what she would do or she would spend if she got to know that she has only 72 Hours (3days) more to live.

And that got me thinking,how would I spend the last 72 hours of my life. It’s a morbid thought, but still, really if I had to do it, how and what would I do? At first,I thought that maybe I’d spend those 3 days crying over the fact that I have only 72 hours more to go then it is Sayo Nara,World! Then I thought maybe I’d finish off those hours in panic and getting worked up and sad. But no. That’s not it. My last72 hours would be spend some what like this :

DAY 1 : READY!SET!GO!!:Maybe 1 or 2 out of those 72 hours, I’d spend crying because I would really miss my family and friends when I’m not here. But I’m not gonna waste time crying when there are so many things to say and do and so many people to talk to! I’ll start with my family, since they’d be the nearest to communicate ( Time is money here,baby!) I’d tell them what a wonderful family they all have been and I’m very, very fortunate to be a part of them.Then I’d ask them to pray for me and then I would pray a little myself.

With the family done, I’d move on to my friends, I’d send everybody a text message telling them how I have only a few more days to go, I would call up the closer friends and hang out with them a little. We would talk about all the fun times we’ve spent, all the teachers we made fun of, our crazy songs, our acts of randomness-Then I’d ask them to pray for me and then I would pray a little myself.

After I’m not here anymore,I wonder who’d be the lawful owner of all the great stuff I own. So I guess,preparing a will would be the next wise move. Most of my things would and should be given to my sisters and my sister-in-law ( they can decide what they want and what they don’t, but Im guessing my bhabi would like to have my clothes, and my eldest sister would like to have the bags and my shades and maybe my makeup too [that’s pretty much everything :p] my second eldest sister,is such a sweetheart that she’d probably wouldn’t want to take anything and would let everybody else take whatever they want,my jewelry would be taken by my nieces (or thei r mothers,depends lol) and my brother would want to have my camera and that’s pretty much it.He’s not really into shoes and bags and all that )

The rest of the stuff and my remaining pocket money should be donated.To whom,that I leave upto my Parents. After that, I would ask my driver or maybe if my brother is in a good mood to take me to seaview, I’d smell the smell of the beach for the last time,I would feel the sand under my feet for the last time and dip my toes in the water for the last time.And maybe even see the sunset.Later I would eat dip shop ki ice cream. And then return home.Then I would pray a little and try not to cry and go to sleep.

DAY 2 : BREATHE-STILL HAVE 1 MORE DAY LEFT: I would wake up extra early ( remember how time is money?Yeah!) I would pray and watch the sun come up and then start off my day and spend it with my favourite kids(Qandeel,Dua,Arsalah,Bushu and Hiba) We would laugh and play and eat and sing poems ( Wait,before u get the wrong idea,I don’t have a thing for poems,it’s just that these kids,they are really young [except for Qandeel who is a teenager and she doesn’t really do poems] and the rest of them really like singing weird ‘imabarbiegirl’type songs and ‘iloveyouyouloveme’ type poems. And if it makes them happy,I’m up for it. We would take pictures and put them on facebook or just put them some place. Then I’d ask them to pray for me too and then pray a little myself.

I would try reading The Kite Runner and The Twilight Series in just a few hours. I’ll go directly to the good parts and skip the un important ones.Then,maybe I would drop in for a little while at my college too and would meet up with my Teachers and tell them how sorry I am for talking so much in each of their classes,despite their millions of warnings- Later,I would put on my nicest clothes and go out to eat with my family-

Then I would post a blog here.About my second last day.Then later, I would try to listen to as many of my favourite songs I can. I would update my status on fb saying ‘ About to leave forever-Have any last things to say?Don’t waste time and write them here!’ Then I would play GEM SWAP 2 for the last time.I would stalk random people for the last time.Then maybe,if I’m really,really lucky I’d politely request somebody to take me to the Karachi Airport because going there always makes me happy. Then I would come back and pray and then go to sleep.

DAY 3 : NOOOO : My last day here. I would again remind everybody of how wonderful they have been to me throughout these years and if I’ve hurt them,intentionally or unintentionally so,please forgive me and blab la yada yada all the random stuff u usually say before dying. Then I would pray.I would pray a lot this day,considering the fact that today really is my last day.Then maybe I would plant a tree too lol

Afterwards,I would throw a huggee party inviting everybody and we would all talk and talk and laugh and have a good time. It’s my last day so having a good time is key here. Then I would see if anybody could take me for a ride in a Helicopter because I really,really want to sit in one before I die and today is all I have.

After the grand party,I would go into my room, I would write each of my family member and a few of my friends a last note [just one sentence each-time naye hey zaida!] then I would pray,pray for the last time.I would write my last blog thanking how nice everybody has been and how patient everybody has been for keeping up with these lame posts-Then later,I don’t think I’d like to sleep,I would think a little,pray a little more, let go of all my fears, expectations, judgements-everything. I would forgive everybody[Yes,people,focus here is on dying with a light heart!].And hopefully, not notice when my eyes close –Forever.


Anonymous said...

great piece of writting
ur sister aisha

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Thankyou baji :)

Anonymous said...

nice post...i wudnt tell anyone if i were to die in 3 days...that wud be boring..i wud just want to play as much basketball as possible and read Naruto manga as much as i can...=D

oh yes and listen to "the final countdown" and "eye of the tiger" for one last time...=P

-Yumna S Hayat said...

lol You're obsessed with the final countdown and eye of the tiger,aren't u?:p

summer said...

thankyou for such a beautiful piece but it made me really really sad i dont want some people to go before me when the time comes and u r in that list... in my top three ... pagal ...candy's teacher is a jerk she should be told about that i agree that death is a reality but dont we have better optimistic essay topics for teenagers like which story character i would like to meet?

and for the airport thingy i think u should start taking flying lessons we do have female pakistani pilots search the criterion and apply in this way u would get to see the airport everyday :/

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Sofia baji,what about my kum eye sight?:p I dont wanna crash planes!ahhh

Anonymous said...

u can fly commercial planes , thats f9...no air force tho..=P

yes i am obsessed with those songs...=D